President needs to announce a date for elections now

first_imgDear Editor,Why is it that the APNU/AFC coalition is so engrossed in the presidential candidate of the PPP/C? First, they spent a huge chunk of our scarce financial resources to deny Dr Jagdeo a third term as the President of this country even though it is clear that the sovereignty of the people is paramount and that the Constitution should not have denied the citizens the right to choose their presidents and as many times as they wish. The constitutional amendment abrogated this right. The Caribbean Court of Justice upturned the decision of Guyana’s High Court and Appeal Courts; denying the sovereignty of the Guyanese nation. During this entire process, they and their propaganda machinery made scandalous and libellous statements against Dr Jagdeo in a vain attempt to besmirch his impeccable character. They denied him the third term but underestimated the tenacity and commitment of this man to halt the socio-economic retrogression and ensure that the Guyanese people can once again enjoy the high standard of living they have become accustomed to under the PPP/C. They also underestimated his ability to bring down their Government!Secondly, having failed in that bid, they used SOCU to institute frivolous and unsubstantiated criminal charges against the former Ministers of the PPP/C Government in another futile attempt to thwart the selection of its Presidential candidate. They were cognisant that Irfaan Ali and Anil Nandlall would be on the forefront, so they ensured that these flippant criminal charges were instituted. However, they once again underestimated the courageous leadership of the Party. He mimicked Amna Ally’s “bring it on” and in his own inimitable style, dared the coalition. He knew that these charges would not ‘hold water’ and was just a strategy to derail the selection process of the presidential candidate. However, they went further and attacked the academic achievements of Irfaan Ali since by then they were fully aware that the criminal charges would fail since the High Court ordered the discontinuation by the Chief Magistrate. In the end, the democratic selection process of the PPP bore fruit and Irfaan Ali was elected as the presidential candidate.Having thus far failed, the APNU/AFC then embarked on a mission to divide the PPP. They began using fake profiles claiming to be PPP supporters to show “disappointment and disgust” at Irfaan’s election and claimed that their “choice” is Anil Nandlall and Frank Anthony. Some even wore ‘red’ in order to convince the people that they are PPP members and supporters. Some ex-PPP members living abroad assisted in this quest to divide the PPP. However, once again the APNU/AFC underestimated the intelligence of the ‘die-hard’ members and supporters of the PPP, they quickly saw through this shameless charade! PPP members and supporters have learnt their lesson from the AFC and will not be tricked to leave their ‘home’ again!This now brings me to the million-dollar question: Why is the APNU/ AFC silent about the selection of Granger as their presidential candidate. This is a grave travesty (no pun intended)! It is an accepted fact that Granger’s health does not allow him to be “fit and proper” and that someone else should be the presidential candidate. In fact, the grapevine has communicated that Moses Nagamootoo is nominated for an Oscar Award as the Best Actor in a Supporting Role. It is an insult to this nation that apart from having hordes of geriatrics in the Government and its departments we are now having for a second term a presidential candidate who is terminally ill and cannot withstand the rigours of the Office. These ‘PPP’ fakes should make this the centre of their attention and priority!However, the APNU and the AFC have now realised that should they try to elect someone else as the presidential candidate; Armageddon will break loose among their ranks. This time it may not be gunshots in the air. Furthermore, Basil Williams has now ensured that those PNC stalwarts with dual citizenship will be left begging at the door. So to avoid the tsunami, they decided to stick with Granger but this will backfire in the near future. In addition, the selection of Nagamootoo as the Prime Ministerial candidate is against the founding principles of the AFC which stipulated that there should be a rotation of the top position by the founding members, namely, Ramjattan and Trotman. But I guess Nagamootoo has achieved excellence in his subservient role on behalf of these two discarded founders.We have had enough diversions from the business at hand, let us now focus on the fact that Elections must be held by March 19 and this Government must resign and facilitate the electoral process. The President needs to announce a date for the imminent General and Regional Elections!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC CouncillorRegion Sixlast_img read more

SA launches nanotech centres

first_imgSouth African Science and Technology Minister Mosibudi Mangena has launched the country’s first two national nanotechnology innovation centres. The launch forms part of the government’s plan to ensure South Africa remains competitive in the international research community in the fast-developing field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.Nanotechnology is a field of applied science and technology which manipulates materials on an atomic or molecular scale, particularly in the construction of microscopic devices such as robots.The two innovation centres have been established at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Mintek in Pretoria.Mangena said South Africa, as a developing nation, will benefit from nanotechnology. “We therefore have to create an environment conducive to harnessing the potential benefits of this promising field of science,” he said.“Theirs will not be blue sky research but one with identified, tangible measurables. They will have to be at the forefront, the tone-setters and catalysts of the country’s research and development programme in Nanotechnology.”The focus of the CSIR centre is on the design and modelling of novel nano-structured materials, while the centre at Mintek focuses on water, health, mining and minerals.These areas have been identified in the department of science and technology’s (DST’s) National Nanotechnology Strategy as key in the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology in order to effect social development.Both centres will have a strong focus on human capital development by training and developing young scientists who will stimulate growth in South Africa’s emerging nanotechnology industry.Dr Daven Compton, head of nanoscience and nanotechnology at Mintek expressed pride at Mintek’s selection to host one of these centres.“We are confident that the Mintek consortium will be able to build on to its existing strengths to, ultimately, provide nanotechnology-based products that will find commercial favour in the global arena,” he said.The Mintek consortium consists of the DST, the Medical Research Council, the Water Research Commission, the Universities of Johannesburg, the Western Cape and Rhodes.“Through the synergies achieved by means of this powerful partnership, the DST/Mintek Nanotechnology Innovation Centre will initially have three focal areas which will be represented in the fields of sensor, biolabel and water nanotechnology,” said Compton.Dr Suprakas Sinha Ray, chief researcher and leader at the CSIR centre, said that “we are still in the initial wave of nanotechnology, in which most of the nanotechnology-based products on the market are linked to defence and national security applications or to sporting goods and consumer-convenience items, is currently being experienced.“last_img read more

Microsoft’s Office For iPhone: Wrong Product, Wrong Market

first_imgWhat it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Tags:#iPhone#Microsoft Office#mobile Related Posts Remember when Microsoft Office ruled the world? Office files were so ubiquitous, and so proprietary, that the entire personal computing industry hinged on whether or not a given device could run Office. No more. After years of foot-dragging, Microsoft recently released Office for the iPhone.(See also Microsoft Office For iOS App Limited In Audience, Features)Did you notice? We did, and had a definite meh feeling about it.One reason it may not have crossed your radar, as The New York Times‘ David Pogue points out, is that Microsoft is only making Office available for the iPhone to Office 365 customers. That probably doesn’t include you.Why? Because as good as Office 365 is, it’s hard to come up with a good reason to subscribe to it. When was the last time that Microsoft released an Office feature that you really, desperately needed? Maybe 10 years ago? If you have an old copy of Office sitting on your hard drive somewhere, you probably see little reason to upgrade to a cloud version, or any other newer version.Office simply doesn’t matter very much anymore.Back When Office Mattered…This wasn’t always the case, of course. I avoided buying a Mac until Microsoft made the platform fit for the enterprise by building a version of Office for the Mac in 1997. But for Microsoft’s gesture, almost certainly intended to deflect U.S. antitrust attention on Microsoft’s monopolies in the PC market, I would never have bought a Mac.Fast forward to 2013, and no one considers Office when buying an iPhone, iPad or the equivalent Android devices. And Office, which has been available on Windows smartphones for some time, hasn’t been enough to fuel Windows smartphone or tablet sales. Even though such mobile devices are very much a part of enterprise computing today, we simply don’t care if they run Office, because Office doesn’t fit the way we work anymore.Microsoft Capitulates A Decade Too LateMicrosoft’s release of Office for the iPhone, in whatever form, feels very much like a belated capitulation, as Pogue suggests:Office for iPhone is big news, but not because the software is earthshaking. No, it’s a big deal primarily because of the politics of the situation….Here is Microsoft – the once-mighty software global overlord, years into its repeated failures to produce a successful smartphone – creating an app that lets you edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the gadget that defeated it, the iPhone.Microsoft will continue to print billions of dollars in profits each quarter, the spoils of its hard-fought 1990s office productivity suite hegemony. But I suspect you aren’t going to be rushing out to subscribe to Office 365 in order to get access. Would you buy a copy if Microsoft made it a $0.99 download on iTunes?Probably. Just like that one song to which you used to listen.center_img The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Matt Asaylast_img read more

Young guns vital for Queensland’s defence in women’s open

first_imgBy BEN HARRISThey weren’t involved in Queensland’s historic win two years ago but Kim Sue See and Brooke Walker could play a big part in their state’s defence of the women’s open title.Queensland ended New South Wales’ grip on the women’s open title when they won the three-game series 2-1 in Port Macquarie in 2012 following victories in match one (5-3) and match three (3-1).It was Queensland’s first series win in the women’s open division since 2002.Now back on home soil at Sunshine Coast Stadium, Queensland are looking to go back-to-back in the division for the first time in State of Origin history.If they do, a big reason for it could be their six debutants including Sue See and Walker.Both have represented Australia via premiership-winning stints with Queensland Secondary Schools Touch at the National Youth Championships.Sue See made her international women’s open debut on her 18th birthday in the first Trans-Tasman Test at Mudgee on ANZAC Day earlier this year.“I’m really nervous but I’m not as nervous as I would be if I hadn’t already played for Australia. It really helped. It calms me a bit,” Sue See said.Coming from Bribie Island, Sue See is playing in her backyard at Sunshine Coast Stadium.She knows New South Wales won’t be pushovers.“New South Wales have some of the best players in the world,” she said.“But as a team hopefully we can play to our strengths and we will see how we go.”Walker, 19, expects all three matches to be physical and challenging.She said it was surreal to be making her debut in the open’s team alongside the likes of Peta Rogerson and Kelly Woods.“They have experience behind them and to be able to debut alongside them it is a dream really,” Walker said.“We have the potential to win definitely. We’ve got people like Peta and Woodsy to guide us and the rest will have to step up and hopefully we can come away with a win.”The first match of the women’s open series begins at 5.20pm on Friday, September 19.The second and third matches are on Saturday at 10.45am and 4.15pm respectively.There are plenty of ways to keep up-to-date with all of the latest results, news and information from the 2014 State of Origin. The Touch Football Australia and State of Origin websites will be updated regularly throughout the event with all of the latest information and can be found by clicking on the links below: All of Touch Football Australia’s social media pages will be regularly updated throughout the NYC event, so be sure to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ us by clicking on the links below. Facebook – Twitter – (be sure to use the hashtag #soo2014) Instagram – (be sure to use the hashtag #soo2014) The TFA YouTube channel will also have highlights and live games streamed throughout the event. Please click on the link below to be taken to the channel, and be sure to become a subscriber to the channel – LinksSOO women’s openlast_img read more