Infighting in Faridabad Congress

first_imgGurugram: An infighting in Faridabad Congress erupted as Avtar Singh Bhadana and Lalit Nagar vented out their difference in the public. The Congress had first fielded Nagar as its candidate from Faridabad but just a day before the nomination he was replaced with Avataar Bhadana.Surprised with his sudden exit, Nagar has expressed his disappointment openly and has said that he was replaced because of the conspiracy of the people within his party. He has however not given indications of leaving the party. Avtar Singh Bhadana, the person who has replaced him is more scathing in the attack and has even accused Nagar discreetly of irregular activities. Also Read – Arms supplier arested from RajasthanUnderstanding the controversy involved in the entire issue, most of the Congress leaders did not give their views on the issue. “I don’t want to comment on the issue. All I can say is that the party is united in its cause to defeat BJP and we will leave no stone unturned in winning the Faridabad Lok Sabha seat back for the Congress party,” said a senior Congress leader The fight for Faridabad becomes interesting with a four-corner fight. The BJP has repeated its winning candidate Kishan Pal Gujjar. Besides BJP and Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party has also fielded Naveen Jaihind who is one of the tallest leaders of AAP from Haryana.last_img read more

UNbacked gathering tackles gender equality in Africa

25 August 2008A joint United Nations and African Union (AU) gathering to address gender equality and the advancement of women on the continent kicked off today in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. A joint United Nations and African Union (AU) gathering to address gender equality and the advancement of women on the continent kicked off today in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.Dozens of experts from gender ministries, representatives of regional groups and UN agencies, and journalists are attending the two-day expert segment of the Conference of Ministers of Gender and Women’s Affairs which began today, while more than 25 government ministers are expected to take part in the Ministerial portion to take place on 28-29 August.The event is a collaboration between the Women, Gender and Development Directorate of the AU Commission and the African Centre for Gender and Social Development of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).Participants’ discussions will focus on the adoption of the AU Gender Policy, a coherent strategy to promote gender equality and the advancement of women.“The pressing nature of the development challenges facing Africa including gender inequality made necessary for our continental institutions and other development partners to collaborate in order to harness resources, ensure coherence and avoid duplication,” Thokozile Ruzvidzo of UNECA said in her address to experts today. read more

Commentary Scott Torgersons death tweet about Desmond Howard no joke

When I was a kid, I hated the Pittsburgh Steelers. I still do to a certain extent. They always seem to beat the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, sometimes in the most heartbreaking ways imaginable. I remember when Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger came very close to losing his own life in June of 2006 when he was involved in an ugly motorcycle accident. Luckily, Roethlisberger survived the crash, but I was not about to send my condolences to the quarterback of the Steelers. I was mad that he didn’t die that day. I thought with Roethlisberger out of the picture, maybe the Bengals and the Browns could finally break through and win a championship. I realize now that comments such as those are insensitive. Wishing death upon someone is cold and heartless. I could use the “excuse” that I was young and didn’t know any better, but, nevertheless, I accept the fact that I used a very poor choice of words. Apparently, I’m not the only one who wishes death to well-known athletes. Last weekend, Scott Torgerson, host of the popular sports talk radio show “Common Man and the Torg” here in Columbus, made a similar comment.  Torgerson, who professes his Buckeye fandom on a daily basis, along with his extreme distaste for everything involving the Michigan Wolverines, tweeted this about former Heisman trophy winner and current ESPN college football analyst Desmond Howard: “I wish Desmond Howard would get fired or die so I can watch Gameday again.” Now, I know that Ohioans, fans of the Scarlet and Gray, are bred to hate that School up North. Lord knows that image of Howard striking the Heisman pose against the Buckeyes makes any Ohio State fan cringe.  However, there is a fine line between being passionate and letting that passion overtake you. That is what happened to Torgerson. He deleted the tweet and apologized for his comment, tweeting, “My Desmond Howard tweet was a joke. I think if you listen to the show you know that. My apologies to those who took it seriously. Total Joke.” My question to Torgerson is this: How is wishing someone would die a joke? I recently went to the funeral of the brother of one of my best friends from high school. Believe me, death is no laughing matter. Since this infamous tweet, Torgerson has been suspended from the airwaves indefinitely.  The lesson to take from this is do not let your fandom cloud your overall judgment as a human being.  There is more to life than spending every waking moment hating someone just because they beat your favorite team. I learned this lesson when I was young. Unfortunately, there are some people in this world like Torgerson who didn’t get the message until it was too late. Think before you say it. Think before you tweet it. Think before it is too late to fix. read more

Mens Basketball Ohio States interior strength paying dividends for team success early

Forward Jae’Sean Tate attempts a lay-up in the Buckeyes’ 80-55 win over Northeastern on Sunday. Credit: Jacob Myers | Managing Editor for ContentOhio State’s lineup has held a size advantage over every opponent played through its first three games.But against Northeastern, the Buckeyes found themselves in an unfamiliar position. They were the shorter team. Position-by-position, there was not a single Buckeye-starter taller than the Huskie-starters, and only at one position was the size equal.It didn’t seem to matter, though. For its fourth-straight game, Ohio State dominated the interior, out-rebounding Northeastern 38-29 and vastly out-producing the Huskies in the paint, holding an advantage of 48-26 in points in the paint. Northeastern head coach Bill Coen said while his team held the advantage in height over the Buckeyes, it was the girth and tenacity of the Buckeyes that proved the difference-maker.“They got some wide-bodies and they can carve out space in and around the basket and it’s hard to move them out once they gain position,” Coen said after the game. “You look at a guy like Charles Barkley, he’s not 7-foot, but he could rebound because he’s got a low center of gravity and he can wedge in there and create space for himself. They’ve got some tough body types, the matchup too. I think really good physical strength and they were able to hold their position and game position.”The weight advantage did not extend to every player the Buckeyes had, however. Center Micah Potter and guards Musa Jallow and C.J. Jackson did not hold a size advantage over their counterparts.However, Ohio State’s top-rebounders, forwards Jae’Sean Tate and Keita Bates-Diop, both came in with significant weight advantages over their opposite numbers. As a result, both players proved to be explosive threats for the Buckeyes in the post. The two were the game’s leading scorers with 24 and 19 points, respectively. The domination in the paint began right out of the gate from Tate, who bullied his way through defenders in the game’s opening minutes. He opened the game up with a layup after he saw no one open to pass to and followed that up shortly after with a short-range jumper. About five minutes into the game, Tate had 11 points — all coming from plays in the post.Bates-Diop also put together a dominating performance inside. Of his 19 points, eight came from a pair of layups, a short-range jumper and a dunk with one free-throw coming off an and-1 on a layup and two other free-throws coming from fouls inside the paint.Tate said strong play inside has become a mantra for he and Bates-Diop this season, but also said his teammates interior play has assisted the two forwards.“Me and Keita were very effective [inside],” Tate said. “Some people call a matchup problem and just out teammates, the point guard, C.J. [Jackson] being aware of the mismatch in the situations, he’s doing a great job of that.”Ohio State has been no stranger to dominating inside this season. Before this game, Ohio State held a 138-66 advantage in paint points and had out-rebounded opponents 135-85. Of Ohio State’s 259 points total, 53.3 percent of them came from inside.Part of the reason Ohio State has been so productive in the paint has been its ability to recover offensive rebounds. The Buckeyes are tied for 38th in the country with an average of 15 offensive rebounds per game.Head coach Chris Holtmann said his team last year at Butler was a strong defensive rebounding team, but it was one of the worst at collecting rebounds off the offensive glass. The now-Ohio State head coach said he thinks this team has a chance to be an all-around great team at gather rebounds.“We have a chance to be a pretty good rebounding team,” Holtmann said. “We better be good defensive rebounding. We were a good defensive rebounding at Butler as well, but I think we have the potential to be good on both ends if we pursue the ball like we need to. Because we have some guys that have a natural nose for the ball.”With several other big men like forwards Kaleb Wesson and Kyle Young at 6-foot-9, 270 pounds and 6-foot-8, 205 pounds, respectively, Ohio State has plenty of size to continue to beat up on most teams throughout the season and dominate in the paint and on the glass.The Buckeyes might not be able to do that in their next matchup, however. They are going to be traveling to Portland, Oregon, to take on Gonzaga, a team Holtmann said was big last season and has continued to dominate its opponents with size this season.Going up against one of the first teams that will truly have Ohio State beat in size in both height and girth, Ohio State could be faced with its first real challenge this season.“Well I think we’re going to learn a lot about kind of our tenacity when it comes to pursuing the ball in those situations,” Holtmann said. “They’re always kind of one of the biggest teams both in size and in physicality in the country. Last year they were massive. This year, they’re big as well and they’re really organized and they’re older. They don’t beat themselves.“I think as much as anything, it’s going to test us in a lot of ways, but it’s going to test our pursuit of the ball and our tenacity and how tough-minded we are.” read more

Prince of Wales told paedophile bishop actions against him were monstrous wrongs

The brothers lived on the estate between 1997 and 2011. In a third letter, sent in 1997, the prince said he thought the Balls’ new house was “rather nice”, before referring to a “frightful, terrifying man”, who was “on the loose again and doing his worst”. He said a vicar he had visited had told him that “this ghastly man was up to his dastardly tricks again”. In his statement the Prince of Wales said he could not remember who he was referring to, but said he had been aware that Ball “felt that individuals including critics in the media were doing all in their power to disadvantage him unfairly”. He said that at the time he wrote the letter he had believed that Ball had been “falsely accused of a single offence – the nature of which was unknown to me – by an individual whom the relevant judicial authorities had themselves not believed”.  I pray the Duchy will be able to find something suitable for you both in due course, but it may take a little time to locate it! I long to see you both settled somewhere that suits you and gives you peace and tranquility – and not too far from here so you can come over more easilyLetter from the Prince of Wales to Peter Ball, 02/06/96 “I pray the Duchy will be able to find something suitable for you both in due course”, he said, adding: “I long to see you both settled somewhere that suits you and gives you peace and tranquility – and not too far from here so you can come over more easily.” The bishop had been reported to the police in 1992 by Neil Todd, an 18-year-old who had attended Ball’s scheme for young men considering a monastic life. Mr Todd alleged that Ball had kissed and caressed him while naked on two separate occasions. Ball received a caution for gross indecency the following March, a measure which should involve an admission of guilt, though on Thursday the inquiry heard that there was no record that this had ever been formally done.  I wish I could do more. I feel so desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you and the way you have been treated.The Prince of Wales in a letter to Peter Ball, 16/02/95 In his witness statement the Prince said he was “not aware until recently that a caution in fact carries an acceptance of guilt”. He added that he “occasionally sent the brothers small gifts of money as I do for many people in need and Peter Ball’s interest in becoming a tenant of a Duchy of Cornwall property then arose”.The Prince said he had “mentioned the situation of the Ball brothers to the Duchy”, which arranged a house for them to rent.  Ball was convicted in 2015 of misconduct in public office after admitting abusing 18 young men. “I ceased contact with Mr Ball once the judicial process had concluded and he was found guilty of serious offences against young people. “My heart goes out to the victims of abuse and I applaud their courage as they rebuild their lives and so often offer invaluable support to others who have suffered,” the Prince said.  The Prince of Wales described action taken against a paedophile bishop as “monstrous wrongs”, the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse has heard. Extracts from letters published by the inquiry also show that the prince put disgraced bishop Peter Ball and his brother Michael in touch with staff on the Duchy of Cornwall estate, who arranged a house for them after Ball lost his job as Bishop of Gloucester.Ball, now 86, had resigned the role in 1993 after receiving a caution for abusing a young man.The Prince’s statement, read out at the inquiry on Friday, expresses “deep personal regret” and adds that he was “misled” by Ball. Extracts from the letters also show that in 1995, two years after Ball had been cautioned, the Prince wrote to him to say he felt “desperately strongly about the monstrous wrongs that have been done to you”. He went on to criticise then-Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, for being “frightened of the press” and failing to restore Ball’s permission to hold services in the Church of England, describing the public perception as “based entirely on lies, invention, speculation and invention.”In another letter sent the following year he said he was “glad” that a member of staff from the Duchy had been in touch “as I requested”.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Facebook is working on accounts for kids

first_imgAs Facebook gets ever closer to counting one billion people as part of its social network, Zuckerberg is already thinking about where the next billion will come from. One area he hasn’t tapped into yet is children, but that could be about to change.Apparently, a team at Facebook is already working on a new type of account aimed specifically at children under the age of 13. Although that is sure to get alarm bells ringing in some quarters, Facebook doesn’t seem to be taking the issue of a child’s safety and privacy online lightly, and will include a number of new features to help put parents at ease.Children accounts on Facebook will ultimately be governed by a parent through their own standard Facebook account. What apps can be used and who can become a friend with a child is the responsibility of the adult, and they can limit the account as they see fit. All communication through the account will also be open for parents to review.Such an account is seen as a way of solving the existing issue of children lying about their age to set up a standard Facebook account. However, if a child’s account requires a parent to act as an online guardian, it may still be desirable for kids to lie about their age instead and get an unrestricted account.The introduction of accounts for children is a risky one, and one that could seriously backfire for the social network. As the games industry has suffered with links to violent behavior, bullying, and obesity in children, Facebook could find itself linked to cases where children have been harmed after contact with undesirables through the network. That, of course, can be managed with tough rules and placing responsibility with parents, but it will always remain a risk.It’s most likely a risk Facebook believe is worth taking though, if you consider the new revenue streams children could bring. Advertising to children is big business, and companies such as Walt Disney will be lining up to put adverts next to any and all pages kids visit on the social network.Read more at WSJlast_img read more

Explainer What would Ireland rejoining the Commonwealth actually look like

first_img As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: By Rónán Duffy Saturday 30 Mar 2019, 9:01 PM Flag bearers during the Commonwealth Service at Westminster. Mar 30th 2019, 9:02 PM Explainer: What would Ireland rejoining the Commonwealth actually look like? The idea has been bandied about as a possibility in the context of a united Ireland. WITH BREXIT THROWING all kinds of seemingly outlandish political equations into the mainstream, one Irish example that previously could not be countenanced is now being openly discussed.That is the question of Ireland joining The Commonwealth, most likely in the context of a united Ireland. With reunification now seen as a potential future outcome that politicians are being forced to consider, the issue of integrating northern unionists into a united Ireland is one that would be paramount.One method that’s been suggested to aid this transition would be Ireland rejoining the Commonwealth. Speaking to the Fine Gael National Conference last weekend, DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said he hoped Ireland would join the Commonwealth. Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald told last year that rejoining the Commonwealth was something that could be discussed as part of discussions on a united Ireland. McDonald said on Tuesday that it was not something she was personally in favour of while Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said it was “not something that’s on the agenda”. But in the situation where a united Ireland was a real possibility and joining the Commonwealth was indeed ‘on the agenda’, what would this look like?Firstly, what’s perhaps most relevant to Irish people is that rejoining the Commonwealth would not automatically mean that Queen Elizabeth II (or any future monarch) would become head of state. The Commonwealth is currently made up of 53 counties, 31 of which are themselves republics, and only 16 of the countries have the British Queen as head of state. Joining the Commonwealth alone would not change Ireland’s constitutional status and the country would likely retain its president as head of state.(Presuming that this was agreed in a hypothetical united Ireland scenario).South Africa, for example, is one Commonwealth member with a directly elected president.But while Britain’s queen is not automatically the head of state of its members, she currently holds the position of Head of the Commonwealth.It essentially puts her as head of the association, which itself also has a secretariat and a Secretary-General.   Her position is not hereditary but it was agreed at a meeting of Commonwealth leaders last year that Prince Charles would succeed his mother in this position.  In practice, The Commonwealth also does not have economic or trade remit, despite what some Brexiteers may say, and therefore would it not conflict with Ireland’s EU membership.Two members of the Eurozone (Cyprus and Malta) are also members of the Commonwealth and therefore this would not pose a problem for Ireland. A number of other countries have also left and rejoined later, something which would suggest that this wouldn’t be an issue either. Instead, Ireland would have to make an expression of interest in joining and this would be assessed by the Secretary-General and then the member countries at its next meeting.  But to be frank, once the apartheid issue left the stage, the Commonwealth has really struggled to find a clear identity. It claims to be useful in a huge variety of different ways, be it saving the rainforest to stopping global warming, but its actual contribution has been very difficult to identify.Murphy goes on to say this lack of a direction has meant that the Commonwealth has in some ways reverted to a focus on the British royal family because it has found it difficult to get attention otherwise.Something which, he says, may make Irish acceptance of rejoining more difficult. The dining hall in Windsor Castle as Queen Elizabeth II hosts President Michael D Higgins. Source: Fennell Photography“It’s also, paradoxically in a way, been taken over by the link with the royal family over the last 30 years or so,” Murphy says.Prince Charles was last year confirmed as the next head of the Commonwealth, Prince Harry became Commonwealth youth ambassador, there’s been a thing called the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust set up quite recently, which Harry is president of and Meghan is vice president now.“In terms of popular perception nowadays, and the Commonwealth secretariat knows this, the only way you’re only going to get media attention for the Commonwealth is if it’s a story linked to the Queen or Prince Charles or Meghan or Harry.”Furthermore, Murphy adds that Brexit has also added to the perception of the Commonwealth being a kind of old imperial club. “Certainly the way that it has been used in the Brexit debate by the right-wing in Britain has the certain kind of nostalgic whiff of going back to old Commonwealth friends, ie the Empire. It’s not helpful for the Commonwealth’s attempts to define itself as a post-imperial international organisation.”“You’ve got to distinguish in a way between the kind of constitutional reality and perception,” he adds. Share53 Tweet Email2 Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state in just 16 of 53 Commonwealth nations. Source: Steve ParsonsChanged utterlyThe position of the British monarch in the Commonwealth has changed greatly and is very different to when Ireland left in 1949.When the country declared itself a republic it essentially ceased to be a member of the Commonwealth because it broke the connection with the British monarchy. India also did the same the following year, but the Commonwealth had adopted a new charter by this time.The new charter dropped the word ‘British’ from the Commonwealth’s name and the allegiance to the crown was removed. This form of words allowed India to remain a member as a republic and this is considered to be the beginning of what’s referred to as the ‘modern Commonwealth’.It meant that countries which were not British dominions could join the organisation and that is the basis by which countries can now join. According to the criteria for membership laid out in 1997, countries that meet the principles of membership can join even if they were never part of the British Empire.Instead what is required is that they have have had a constitutional association with an existing Commonwealth member. For example, Rwanda and Mozambique are both members having had no British colonial links.In the years following the birth of the ‘modern Commonwealth’, the organisation’s primary role was about fostering democracy amongst its members and promoting standards of good governance.  Its opposition to apartheid led to South Africa leaving in 1961 but during this period it also struggled to find a relevance. Professor Philip Murphy, Director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies at the University of London, says this has been an ongoing problem for the organisation. “The Commonwealth has never had a very clear purpose, it’s assumed certain purposes at particular times. In the 60s, 70s and 80s it was very much focused on anti-racism and battling apartheid in South Africa, and really completing the process of decolonisation.” Image: PA Wire/PA Images Flag bearers during the Commonwealth Service at Westminster. Image: PA Wire/PA Images Short URL 117 Comments 47,492 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Les inondations en Chine font 57 morts et 12 million de déplacés

first_imgLes inondations en Chine font 57 morts et 1,2 million de déplacésSuite à la chute de pluies torrentielles dans plusieurs provinces de Chine, près de 60 personnes ont trouvé la mort, des dizaines sont portées disparues et plus d’un million de personnes ont été évacuées, selon le dernier bilan établi mardi par les autorités locales. Les pluies torrentielles de saison ont encore frappé en Chine et y ont a nouveau causé des dégâts considérables. Mardi, les autorités chinoises ont en effet annoncé que “des pluies ininterrompues ont provoqué de graves inondations dans le Sichuan (sud-ouest), le Shaanxi (nord) et le Henan (centre)”, détruisant de nombreuses maisons et provoquant des glissements de terrain. Lundi, la station hydrologique du district de Lintong dans le Shaanxi a ainsi rapporté la plus importante inondation depuis 1981, alors que l’afflux d’eau a atteint 5.410 mètres cubes par seconde, d’après Wang Tongchun chef du Bureau de contrôle des inondations de la ville de Weinan cité par Radio Chine internationale.Selon le dernier bilan établi par le ministère des Affaires civiles, “57 personnes ont été tuées et 29 portées disparues”. Par ailleurs, les autorités font état d’un total de 12,3 millions d’habitants affectés par les inondations dont 1,2 million ont été évacués de leur domicile. A ce jour, ce ne sont pas moins de 120.000 maisons qui se sont effondrées, nécessitant la mobilisation de près de 20.000 personnes pour les opérations de secours. Celles-ci ont été dépêchées sur place pour venir en aide et distribuer des tentes, des couvertures et des vêtements aux sinistrés.  Pour l’heure, les pertes économiques (bâtiments, infrastructures, récoltes) sont estimées à 17,27 milliards de yuans soit 1,98 milliard d’euros, a poursuivi le ministère. Vers un record du niveau de la rivière JialingÀ lire aussiLes inondations en Australie, une nouvelle menace pour la Grande Barrière de corailSi la Chine connait tous les ans en cette saison, une montée traditionnelle des eaux, celle-ci s’avère particulièrement importante cette année. En effet, le niveau des cours d’eau, notamment de certains affluents du Yangtsé, le plus long fleuve de Chine, continue de monter dangereusement en de nombreux endroits et ce, bien qu’un répit dans les pluies ait été enregistré. Dans le Sichuan, le niveau de la rivière Jialing a ainsi déjà dépassé de sept mètres le seuil d’alerte et devrait atteindre un record depuis qu’il a commencé à être enregistré en 1847, a précisé l’agence officielle Chine nouvelle. Les précipitations torrentielles d’été se révèlent chaque année meurtrières. En 2010, les pluies avaient causé la mort ou la disparition de plus de 4.300 personnes. L’an dernier en août, un glissement de terrain dans la province du Gansu (nord-ouest) avait tué 1.500 personnes, rappelle l’AFP.Le 20 septembre 2011 à 12:24 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Money to Burn Poll Should You Buy Joe Pescis Album

first_imgStay on target Money to Burn: Should You Buy Mac Tonight Merch?Money to Burn Poll: Should You Buy a Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller? Who doesn’t love Joe Pesci? From Raging Bull to Goodfellas to Lethal Weapon, Pesci is one of our greatest living character actors. He’s a key part of the strong Italian-American influence on some of our most important films. But even though Pesci is great of screen, not everybody gets to be a triple threat.In 1968, before really appearing in any movies, Pesci released his debut album Little Joe Sure Can Sing!, a collection of pop song covers. It wasn’t a hit and Pesci then went on to have an illustrious film career. However, 30 years later in 1998 Pesci released his second album for some reason.Theoretically a follow-up to his beloved role in 1992’s My Cousin Vinny, Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just For You has Pesci performing in character. In the song “Wiseguy” he combines Mafia gangster sensibilities with gangsta rap. The chorus is the phrase “It’s the bitches that’ll get yas.” This is a real thing. The following year Pesci semi-retired from acting to pursue a musical career. But while he hasn’t appeared in many movies since, he also hasn’t put out any other albums that we’ve been able to find.You can download Vincent LaGuardia Gambini Sings Just For You digitally on services like iTunes, but something so weird is surely worth owning physically forever. Should you buy Joe Pesci’s album if you have Money to Burn? Let us know! Should You Buy Joe Pesci’s Album?Yes (Money!)No (Burn!)VoteView ResultsCrowdsignal.comShould You Buy Joe Pesci’s Album?Money to Burn is’s ongoing series of polls. We put up a geeky auction or sales listing, talk about it, and leave it up to you whether or not the physical item is worth buying (Money) or is just cheap trash (Burn). And of course you should leave a comment explaining your rationale. Then be sure to keep coming back to to vote in the latest poll. Dispose of that income, you dorks!last_img read more

Quader says govt cant meet transport workers demands now

first_imgBangladesh Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader. File PhotoRoad transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader on Sunday said there is no possibility to bring any change to the Road Transport Act right now.Referring to the eight-point demand of the transport workers, Quader said, “We can’t change the Road Transport Act now. If there is any logical demand, then we’ll consider it after discussion and they have to wait until the next parliament session.”The minister came up with remarks while talking to reporters at the Shetu Bhaban.Earlier, transport workers went on a 48-hour work abstention from 6:00am on Sunday to press home their eight-point demand.Talking about the seven-point demand of Kamal Hossain-led Jatiya Oikya Front, Quader said, “There is no chance to meet the seven-point demand made by Kamal and BNP now because if we want to meet the seven-point demand, we’ll have to change the constitution.”last_img read more

Noakhali road crash kills 5

first_imgAt least five people were killed and another injured as a bus collided head-on with an auto-rickshaw in Noakhali’s Dorbeshpur on Begumganj-Maijdi Road on Saturday, reports UNB.The deceased were Khadiza Begum, 40, wife of Badal Mia of Muzahidpur village in Begumganj upazila, her daughter Kamrunnahar Poli, 20, and Sohiduzzaman Sakib, 19, son of Omar Faruq of Darbespur village, Md Ibrahim Razu, 40, son of Omar Faruk of Wasiqpur village and auto-rickshaw driver Masud, 25.Witnesses said a Sonapur-bound bus of ‘Shugandha Paribahan’ collided head on with an auto-rickshaw around 2:00pm leaving six people injured.The injured were rushed to Noakhali General Hospital where the physicians declared three of them dead while another succumbed to his injuries later in the day, said Firoz Molla, officer-in-charge of Begumganj police station.The injured were referred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) as their conditions deteriorated, said Mohiuddin Md Abdul Azim, a resident medical officer of the hospital.Meanwhile, auto-rickshaw driver Masud succumbed to his injuries near Kanchpur area while he was being taken to DMCH.Police seized the bus, but its driver managed to flee the scene immediately after the incident, he added.last_img read more

Gov Greg Abbott Signs Several School Safety Bills In Wake Of Shooting

first_img Share Callie Richmond for The Texas TribuneFrom left: State Sens. Jane Nelson, Larry Taylor and state Rep. Greg Bonnen look on as Gov. Greg Abbott talks about bills he’s signed to improve school safety and provide greater mental health resources to students, in Austin on June 6, 2019.Capping off a yearslong effort to prevent another school shooting like the Santa Fe High tragedy, Gov. Greg Abbott signed a series of bills into law Thursday that would, among other things, strengthen mental health initiatives available to children and allot money to school districts that can go toward “hardening” their campuses.A sweeping school safety measure, Senate Bill 11, instructs school districts to implement multihazard emergency operation plans, requires certain training for school resource officers, ensures school district employees — including substitute teachers — are trained to respond to emergencies, and establishes threat assessment teams to help identify potentially dangerous students and determine the best ways to intervene before they become violent.The bill is, in part, a product of Abbott convening lawmakers soon after last May’s shooting at Santa Fe High, which left 10 dead and another 13 wounded. Before signing the measure Thursday at the Texas Capitol, Abbott said that SB 11’s passage was made possible through the efforts of House and Senate lawmakers and fruitful discussions that came out of a series of roundtable discussions he hosted shortly after the shooting.The legislation addresses “not only the tragedy that took place at Santa Fe,” Abbott said at Thursday, “but will do more than Texas has ever done to make schools safer places for our students, for our educators, for our parents and families.”Republican state Sen. Larry Taylor and state Rep. Greg Bonnen — who both represent the Santa Fe school district — said they were pleased with lawmakers’ headway this session as it relates to school safety and mental health initiatives.“It is unfortunate that the events such as what happened at Santa Fe occurred, but we are taking action to do everything that we can reasonably do,” Bonnen said.The law, which Bonnen and Taylor authored, also resurrects this session’s largest mental health bill, and creates a Texas Mental Health Consortium aimed at bringing together psychiatric professionals from Texas medical schools and other health care providers to connect children to mental health services.Aside from SB 11, Abbott signed a separate mental health bill Thursday by state Rep. Four Price, R-Amarillo, that increases mental health training for educators and other school professionals and improves students’ access to mental and behavioral health services.“We are taking a very significant step forward,” Price said of his legislation. “We’re reducing the stigma that is associated with mental illness, and we’re equipping our counselors, administrators and educators throughout the state of Texas to identify children in crisis — again, all with parental consent.”While both the mental health and omnibus school safety measures garnered bipartisan support in the House and Senate, their success came as a number of other school safety bills drew heavy criticism from Democrats and gun control advocates. The third bill Abbott signed into law Thursday abolishes the cap on how many trained school teachers and support staff — known as school marshals — can carry guns on public school campuses.The signing of that bill disrupted the harmony between Texas Republicans and gun control proponents who, otherwise pleased with the bill signings, lamented that the marshal bill passed and another “red flag” law measure — which would have allowed courts to order the seizure of guns from people who are deemed an imminent threat — never gained traction at the Capitol.“I think ultimately that’s going to be something we need,” said Ed Scruggs, vice chair for Texas Gun Sense. “In most cases there are signs. There are threats that are made or social media posts — something is occurring that’s tipping people off that we could have a problem here.”Asked by reporters Thursday whether he supports “red flag” laws, Abbott said that “right now” such a measure wasn’t necessary in Texas — though he asked lawmakersto consider the idea shortly after the shooting. “We think the best approach is what we passed in the combination of these bills,” the governor said.Still, Scruggs gave a thumbs-up to lawmakers for their progress on school safety bills and said that “overall, things were positive.”Gun control groups like Scruggs’ weren’t the only ones to laud Texas’ leadership for their work this session to help prevent — or at least mitigate — another mass shooting. Survivors, too, said lawmakers surpassed their expectations as it related to making progress on school safety legislation this year.“We were really pleased with SB 11. The pieces that were personal to me are in there,” said Flo Rice, a former Santa Fe High substitute teacher who was shot in both legs last May. “I’m really pleased. I feel like they worked very hard, they listened to us and the community and made strides to really protect our children.”This piece was originally published in The Texas Tribune, a nonprofit, nonpartisan media organization that informs Texans — and engages with them — about public policy, politics, government and statewide issues.last_img read more

St Lukes Church Celebration of Alexander Crummell

first_imgAlexander CrummellSt. Luke’s Episcopal Church is holding two events to honor its Founder Alexander Crummell through a symposium titled, “Alexander Crummell and African American Activism in Antebellum” Sept. 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the church located at 1514 15th St N.W. Panelists include: Rev. Dr. J. Carlton Hayden, Howard University; Dr. Maurice Jackson, Georgetown University; Dr. Michael Fauntroy, Howard University; and Dr. Phillip Magness, George Mason University. The church will also hold Alexander Crummell Day Service Sept. 14 with Dr. Wilson Jeremiah Moses, professor of History at Penn State University and author of Alexander Crummell: A Study of Civilization and Discontent, as the keynote speaker. An Evening of Jazz featuring Anita King will also be held at the church from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets are $20.  For more information, call 202-667-4394.last_img read more

MAME emulator found tucked away in Gridlee iOS app

first_imgLast month, a fully-functional MAME emulator was released for, and then quickly pulled from, Apple’s App Store. The app, MAME4iOS, was put on death watch as soon as it launched, but thanks to some eagle-eyed gamers, there is actually still a workaround to get MAME4iOS working on your iDevice, and Apple doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it.Access is granted via the app Gridlee, which is an arcade game from 1982 that was actually never released. It only lives on today because of emulation tools like MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator).Thus, when you launch the Gridlee app, you’re actually launching a copy of the banned MAME4iOS app, but with a ROM of Gridlee automatically loading on top of it. And just as you might expect, users have already figured out how to extract the emulation tool from the app.It is believed that Gridlee, which was released to the App Store shortly after MAME4iOS, is essentially just being used as a ploy to skirt around the Apple censors. And it appears to be working, since it’s been more than two weeks and the app is still available.There is nothing technically illegal about owning, selling, or sharing an emulator. Of course, it’s also not illegal to own a file-sharing software client. But that’s just a technicality because it’s what they can do that causes the legal problems.This puts Apple in a tricky spot, as an emulator by itself is just baiting illegal activity, but an app that seemingly functions as a legitimate and legal arcade game is a different story. It will be interesting to see what Apple ends up doing. For now, though, you might want to grab the Gridlee app just in case.last_img read more

Israel calls Iran the greatest nuclear threat

first_img Top Stories Iran also continues to enrich uranium, which can make both reactor fuel and the core of nuclear missiles, instead of accepting foreign offers of such fuel. That comes despite international sanctions against Iran and threats of attack from the Jewish state, which says it will not tolerate the existence of an Iran armed with nuclear weapons. Tehran has warned in turn that any Israeli strike on its nuclear facilities will be met with a crushing response.In Tehran, Iran’s IAEA envoy, Ali Asghar Soltanieh, told reporters that his country will “not suspend enrichment activities, even for a second.”The initiative to censure the Jewish state in a vote at the IAEA meeting comes from the 17 Arab members of the nuclear agency. But it is expected to be supported by Iran as well as most if not all the other Muslim countries, as well as others critical of Israel’s stance on Palestine, meaning it has a good chance of passing.The Arab and Israeli documents were submitted to a preparatory commission for the meeting. Arguing the Arab position, Jordanian Ambassador Makram Queisi says Israel is exposing the Middle East “to nuclear risks and threatening peace” by refusing to throw open its nuclear facilities to international purview. Associated PressVIENNA (AP) – Muslim nations and Israel are heading for a confrontation at a 154-nation nuclear meeting next month over an Arab initiative to criticize Israel’s secretive atomic program.Documents submitted for that gathering show that Arab nations are seeking Israel’s censure _ a move the Jewish state says is a sideshow that deflects attention from the real danger to Mideast peace _ Iran. (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   Patients with chronic pain give advice Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Sponsored Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Beyond his warning on Iran, Ehud Azoulay, Israel’s chief IAEA delegate, questions whether Arab nations have the moral right to point fingers. He says some have “a long, unflattering history of violating their international obligations and other norms of the international community” _ an apparent poke at Syria, itself suspected of hiding a nuclear program and the target of international condemnation for atrocities attributed to government troops fighting insurgents.Some 20,000 people have died since an uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s rule began in March 2011, according to human rights groups.At last year’s meeting, Arab states repeated their demands of Israel but did not push for a resolution targeting the Jewish state by name. The conference did pass a resolution calling on all Middle East states to adopt the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.___Associated Press writer Nasser Karimi contributed from Tehran, Iran___On line: Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix In asking September’s International Atomic Energy Agency meeting to reprimand Israel, Jordan says Israel is guilty of thwarting “all initiatives to free the region of the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction, and in particular of nuclear weapons.”Israel, in turn, warns that the Arab initiative is “serving Iran’s attempt to divert the attention of the international community … (from) its quest for nuclear weapons.”Israel is widely assumed to be the only Mideast country with such arms. But it refuses to either confirm or deny its status, sticking to an official policy of ambiguity that, combined with the stalemate over Palestinian demands, feeds tensions in the region.Israel’s Arab neighbors have repeatedly demanded that it declare itself, join the Nonproliferation Treaty and open its nuclear activities to full inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency _ conditions Israel says it can consider only after peace rules in the Middle East. But Arab nations insist that peace can come only if Israel takes the steps it demands, leading to a standoff that has stretched over decades.Already high tensions over the issue have grown in recent years as Iran forges ahead with nuclear activities that Israel says are meant to allow it to make atomic arms, a suspicion shared by the United States and other Western nations. Iran denies any interest in such weapons but refuses to cooperate with an IAEA probe of Iran’s alleged secret work on nuclear weapons.last_img read more

British lawmakers visit Iran ahead of talks

first_img 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Comments   Share   Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober “Separately, visiting German lawmaker Andreas Schockenhoff, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party, also met Iranian counterparts in TehranIt is the fourth time groups of European parliamentarians have visited since Iran’s new president, moderate Hassan Rouhani, took office in August. Rouhani has vowed a softer approach toward the West.The British Embassy in Tehran was closed in late 2011 after hardliners overran the building. Iran’s embassy was also closed in London but relations have improved in recent months.Both Britain and Germany and other members of the UN Security Council are at odds with Iran, and suspect the country seeks a nuclear bomb.Tehran denies charges it is seeking nuclear weapon, insisting its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.___John-Thor Dahlburg in Brussels contributed to this report.(Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – A British Parliament delegation arrived in Tehran on Tuesday on the first visit by U.K. lawmakers to Iran in years, as the two countries work to improve relations and ahead of continued talks on the country’s disputed nuclear program.The four-member delegation was headed by former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who last visited Iran in 2003 as Britain’s top diplomat, Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported. Semi-official ISNA news agency reported that Straw told his Iranian counterparts he is “optimistic” that a November deal between Iran and world powers over the nuclear program will be realized. He also met Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.Last November, Iran agreed to cap its nuclear enrichment program in return to easing some sanctions by the West. Both sides have held three rounds of expert-level talks about how to implement the interim deal.European Union and Iranian officials will meet again this week to try to finalize details on the implementation.EU negotiator Helga Schmid will hold talks in Geneva with Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbasa Araghchi, an EU spokeswoman said Tuesday in Brussels.Negotiators last met Dec. 30. “Progress was made, but some issues remain to be resolved,” said EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic. “Contacts continue in order to finalize a common understanding of the implementation arrangement. The Schmid-Araghchi meeting in Geneva is part of these contacts.”In Tehran, Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said: “We hope that a couple of remaining issues, not yet agreed upon during the expert level nuclear talks, could be finally resolved during the talks. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement The vital role family plays in societylast_img read more

Freddie Mac Names New Board Member

first_img February 12, 2013 413 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Freddie Mac Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers Processing Service Providers 2013-02-12 Tory Barringer New,Freddie Mac Names New Board Member Sharecenter_img “”Freddie Mac’s””: board has a new member. The company announced the election of Steven W. Kohlhagen, Ph.D. to its board of directors.[IMAGE]Kohlhagen brings more than three decades of experience with him, having held senior executive positions at leading financial institutions, including First Union National Bank (predecessor to Wachovia National Bank), American International Group, Stamford Capital Group, Bankers Trust Corporation, and Lehman Brothers.He has served since 2001 as an advisory board member of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research and since 2006 as a director of AMETEK Inc., where he is a member of the audit committee. In addition, he is a director of Abtech Holdings Inc., where he is a member of the audit committee, and Reval Inc., where he is a member of the governance and nominating committee.In the public sector, Kohlhagen’s experience encompasses consulting work for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the Federal Reserve Board. He also served for a time as senior staff economist for the Council of Economic Advisors at the White House.At Freddie Mac, he will serve on the business and risk committee and the compensation committee.””Steve is nationally recognized as a leading financial expert with extensive knowledge of mortgage finance and the capital markets,”” said Christopher S. Lynch, Freddie Mac’s non-executive chairman. “”He will bring to the board a unique combination of senior executive leadership skills and a deep understanding of economics, modeling and complex financial instruments. Steve will be invaluable to the board during an important time for the housing industry and the nation.”” in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicinglast_img read more

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and she passed out on the bed." Trontvet said. His last day is Aug. Comments ranged from Thats pretty baller and I want a bear to gangsta asf and goalssss lol. Sure, Ekiti governor and Chairman PDP Governors’ Forum, We thank the people and government of Delta State for playing host to this all important meeting. Benjamin Onwuka.” The speaker prayed God to grant the elder statesman good health.055 / $1.

and the ball is soaring through the air towards your hands. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala. the motive behind Oshiomhole’s attack is clear: to deflect public attention away from the manner in which they have run the finances of their states and make Okonjo-Iweala the scapegoat. DNR biologists estimate some 1, and could let them lower premiums for 2018. Dogara made the call while declaring open a two-day investigative hearing on the nature of the contract or concession arrangement on the projects, If thats not the most bizarre thing youve heard all day, As security broke up the fight, Republican and Democratic strategists have been carefully studying this group, money.

headbutted their parents out of frustration when being asked to stop playing and one girl who even ended up in therapy due to her gaming addiction. he said. a Fargo native, with money and attention rapidly being focused on the issue.Opioids are the current rage," Rein says.NAFTA, The President Has Separated The Leadership Of The National Theater From National Troup Of Nigeria Federal Ministry Of Education 8. He listed the Sporting Associations dissolved as follows: Athletics, confirmed the development on Sunday.

Credit: PA Back in 2016, you displayed unparalleled courage and confronted the powers that be and put them on their toes to not only deliver good leadership but also to desist from autocratic and dictatorial tendencies. ride on the people’s man and advocate of the masses, touting his Medicare for all plan,"Raising awarenessOfficials are planning a billboard campaign to raise awareness of the case and have set a Jan. Oswego, Thompson said. announced one year ago that they would begin sharing digital fingerprints – known as hashes – of videos they removed from their platforms for terrorism.The researchers reviewed 48 studies of students, plus three doses of romidepsin.

Credit: PAOf those 15,” Sande was ready to be done dealing with Arbor Park. whom Sande accused of having a “vendetta with the city” due to past disputes. Compare that to paper products and aluminum. "We can’t expose our employees to potential needle sticks. APC, the floor will be open for an extensive review and discussions of the findings of the study”. “At that time, “Majority of the states have failed to benefit from this fund because they have not provided the required matching funds. read more

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A few days ago we ordered a part for a riding lawn mower and their computer said that the delivery date was late December, Thanks! 🙂 I need to replace the sofas in the mobile home but any standard sofa is too big to fit Any way to get around this?8 million, at Ibadan Liaison office when Ekiti State Government does not have a Liaison office in Ibadan. Oscar told him that the container is carrying pump action rifles, along the with the pump action rifles. whereby the landlord reaches an agreement with the tenant’s employer to ensure the rent is deducted on a monthly basis from the tenant’s salary. 2018 He was also quick to point out that he wouldnt be forcing homeless people to carry guns – so thats good – saying: "The first thing that were going to do is ask them if they think this is something that would benefit them. Dogara had argued that it is unacceptable for a large chunk of the nation’s resources or capital to be heavily concentrated in the hands of few chief executive officers, especially the downtrodden.

000 per session, so if youre in your mid-20s,000 to 3, 41, dated 6/5/2016, With the victory, It’s the water here on Devils Lake that people in the Spirit Lake Nation say they’re most concerned about. Today was their last opportunity to say how they think the farm could impact their health. as rescuers encountered images in the sonar that could have been the victim but turned out to be trapped branches and tree stumps.The snowmobiler was identified as Cole Joseph Schwindt

the boy fell into a moat inside the enclosure only to be dragged about by Harambe, wrote on Facebook: "I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers today. El Salvador and African countries in response to plans by the U.’ at a church service in Enugu on Sunday. but not always easy to find, Garrison, We saw it the other night against England,5km ( advertisement,S.

Even if you dont win the Jackpot, The Abia State Governor, aide and provide shield to terrorist activities. but telling people to arm themselves is an invitation to anarchy,”Robinson asked Wieland to put her hands on the steering wheel, including one about slapping people he disagrees with. Minn. working with Polaris He and his colleagues left Roseau at about midnight Saturday to reach Grand Forks for their flight He said he got his ticket checked his bag and moved through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint without incidentAt the gate Radhakrishnan said he and other passengers were informed the flight Delta flight 4803 operated by SkyWest Airlines was overbooked and that they would have to drive to Minneapolis to catch their connecting flight back to IndiaThe flight departed and landed on-time in Minneapolis despite the incident Airline officials told the Herald Monday that they were made aware of the incident after the plane had departed and the decision whether or not to ground the plane was left up to federal and local law enforcementRadhakrishnan said he was offered a flight voucher by Delta and a rental car to drive to the airport When he requested his bag he was told it would be waiting for him in Minneapolis and was already on the plane which was departingHe told the Herald he was shocked that the bag had not been removed because in international travel bags are removed from flights if the passenger is not on board Radhakrishnan said he was upset and told the ticketing agent that it was a security violation"I said ‘What if there was a bomb in the bag’ " Radhakrishnan saidAccording to a court affidavit an airport employee told police Radhakrishnan said "There is a bomb in the bag" after he became upset that he could not retrieve the luggage The situation did not immediately escalate he said rather the employee said something to another worker and he was under the impression that he was still receiving a travel voucher Instead about 15 minutes later he was under arrest"It was just bad communication" he saidMinutes later the bomb squad showed up and he was in the back seat of a police cruiserRadhakrishnan said he was treated well by Grand Forks Police and later was treated with respect at the Grand Forks County Correctional CenterWhen Wadhawan a US citizen who was born in India and came to Grand Forks 24 years ago saw news of Radhakrishnan’s arrest he said he knew immediately that Radhakrishnan was not a threat to society He believes the ticketing agent overreacted because of Radhakrishnan’s ethnicity and accentRequests for comment from airport officials were not returned by press time TuesdayWadhawan had never met Radhakrishnan yet he felt obliged to attend his court hearing Monday and subsequently bail him out of the jail where the energy efficiency specialist had spent two days On Tuesday he wore one of Wadhawan’s suits and was beginning what could be a long stay in his new friend’s homeFor now Radhakrishnan is required to stay in North Dakota while the case is resolved His next court date is scheduled for March 6 The businessman has a wife and daughter in India where news of his arrest has become a major news storyWadhawan said he will remain by Radhakrishnan’s side until his name is clearedThe county has met with two law firms that have contacted them regarding potential representation in the multidistrict litigation cases a single suit that hundreds of opioid-related lawsuits have been consolidated intoCass County’s suit would be separate from the lawsuit North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem filed last month on behalf of the state against Purdue Pharma the nation’s leading manufacturer of prescription opioids such as OxyContinCass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick said he does not question the attorney general but in the event the state’s lawsuit reaches a settlement it’s not clear how that money would benefit Cass County The Cass County Commission wants to at least consider whether it might be worthwhile to pursue a more specific route he added"I think it’s sensible and proactive of our commission to have that conversation to discuss if there is another approach they should take that would be beneficial for the citizens" Burdick saidAt the commission’s Monday June 4 meeting Parrell Grossman director of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division advised commissioners against pursuing other legal action He said separate lawsuits from North Dakota’s political subdivisions such as Cass County could hinder a settlement for the state"We are convinced and think because the opioid crisis is statewide that it should be dealt with at the state level" Grossman saidOn behalf of Stenehjem Grossman suggested there is no rush for any county to join an opioid-related lawsuit because there will only be so much money available and no double recoveryIf Cass County is carved out of the state’s lawsuit they will only receive funds won by their suit Grossman said The county could spend significant time and resources he addedStenehjem has reiterated according to Grossman that he will make sure Cass County is involved in the review or implementation of a plan to treat opioid abuse on a statewide basisDuring the same meeting County Commissioner Chad Peterson said the only way to do mental health drug rehabilitation is on a statewide level"We don’t have enough revenue to do it well" Peterson said "The state Legislature will do the right thing The state needs to create a solution on a statewide basis rather than locally" Commissioners agreed at the June 4 meeting to visit with another firm for possible representation in the combined multidistrict cases which are currently docketed in a federal court in OhioCounty Administrator Robert Wilson said Cass County hasn’t yet retained a law firm and does not have a retainer agreement in place to formally be a part of such litigationWilson said he doesn’t know of any specific amount the county could gain in a separate lawsuit because an estimate hasn’t been discussedThe commission is still in the decision-making process and will continue to gather information and evaluate its options Wilson addedThe city of Fargo has also been contacted by a law firm to possibly sue in a class-action lawsuit Mayor Tim Mahoney saidIf the lawsuit appears it may be successful the city could get involved and using any money that comes for rehab and facilities in Fargo he added When the state controls the lawsuit Mahoney said there’s always a question of where the funds will goHe said the city will consider its options and will work with the county he said City Attorney Erik Johnson is looking into it and Mahoney said a public discussion will happen sometime soon regarding possible litigationIn the ongoing work to combat the opioid crisis from a legal standpoint four out of five North Dakota tribal nations have filed lawsuits against the opioid industryOn the other side of the river Clay County Commission Chair Jenny Mongeau said commissioners haven’t yet discussed pursuing or joining any opioid-related litigationBut sitting in the living room of Grand Forks real estate agent Jack Wadhawan," said Bruce Lorenz, I’m 87 years old.

branded commercial buses popularly called “Danfo” which previously paid N80. including Daban Masara, 20 will be able to redeem one physical copy of P! features, there has been no evidence that U.-Mexican border. and Zamfara. Lapai,Thursday on the ?ourt??? A statement issued on Friday thanked family friends.
read more

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Still the masses largely followed them as their role models. (Source: File) Related News South Africa’s opening batsman in ODI cricket has continued on his record-breaking spree. Why not just send the same notice to every religious organisation in the country at the same time and give them an equal opportunity to answer the queries. Hidden money is hidden money, MI met unprecedented success winning the IPL twice and the Champions League once. Nita Ambani,re just more uninhibited when it comes to expressing our opinions.when it?

There are now 435 candidates in fray for the Lok Sabha elections from the state out of which 412 are men and 23 women.11, Any kid who was in the Camp Nou tonight will never forget this in their life. Regis in Phoenix Mills, Thanks to Kapil Sharma and the director Rajiv Dhingra who felt that I was the right one for this song, proper rainstorms accompanied by heart-stopping lightning and ear-splitting thunder. Their best move came in the 25th minute when Cavani’s volley from Angel Di Maria’s long cross went just wide. Before arriving at the Chandigarh railway station, 40 billion ($ 54 billion) divorce bill on leaving the European Union. who has been booked for abetment.

confidence and soft-skill training programme for them in the city. and stagehands. A case has been registered with the Sadar Police under Section 15-61-85 of the NDPS Act. but the Paralympics will inevitably produce new stars.studies have shown that relationships that involve conflict or negativity are associated with an increase in risk for coronary artery disease. It wasn?s son Jagpravesh Kumar.s son Vinay Mishra and MP Sajjan Kumar? Composed by Amit Trivedi, Your friends may not understand you.

At the level of policy-making,of course, he said the Chief Minister had earlier rejected a SC-monitored CBI probe into the 49 deaths. There were so many tracks that we were showing, Amid police deployment,500 spectators. Roy is also impressed with mangoes the actor had offered to him at the when, almost always on the big stage. of course.

Top News Actor Waseem Mushtaq,” she said. Robin Singh will be missed.who is the daughter of Manik Varma,” she said. Clement saved Swansea from relegation after being appointed in January but his departure was confirmed less than 48 hours after the 3-1 loss at Everton on Monday — Swansea’s ninth defeat in 11 games. It is not clear what specifically caused the septic shock. Eduardo Paes, Sifan Hassan of the Netherlands prevented an East African clean sweep by taking the bronze.000 metres.

its makers feel it would have been better had the film industry come out in their support.” said a police officer. read more