Surplus Auction Scheduled for May 12

first_imgThe province’s upcoming surplus auction will give Nova Scotians a chance to get great deals on vehicles, trucks, lawn tractors, snowmobiles, bob cat, outdoor recreational and landscaping equipment and more. The auction is at 10 a.m., Saturday, May 12, at Auction Advantage, 40 Orion Ct., Woodside Industrial Park, Dartmouth. The items can be viewed on auction day between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Photos are available online at which is updated daily until the day of the auction. The auction will be conducted by Auction Advantage. Cash, debit, or credit cards will be accepted. Revenue from the sale of surplus items is used to pay down the province’s debt.last_img read more

Akhilesh dissolves all party units in UP

first_imgLucknow: Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav on Friday dissolved all the Uttar Pradesh state units, district youth wing and other cells. “Party President Akhilesh Yadav has dissolved the state executive. All district executives, executives of youth and other wings have also been dissolved,” said a source. State President Naresh Uttam, however, will continue to discharge his duties. Yadav had, earlier, dissolved the media panel for the party and had stopped party spokespersons from participating in TV debates. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ According to sources, he is planning a massive revamp within the party and will constitute the organisation afresh. The Samajwadi Party, once a vibrant political organisation, has turned into a political nonentity after the defeat in the Lok Sabha elections which left the party with merely five seats. The snapping of the alliance with the Bahujan Samaj Party further demoralized the party cadres.last_img read more

Trudeau says hell stay focused on Canadians and Quebecers real priorities

first_imgOTTAWA – Canada faces a lot of challenges that won’t get addressed if the country gets “bogged down” in another round of constitutional haggling, Justin Trudeau said Monday.The prime minister was expanding on his blunt, immediate rejection last week of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard’s plan to eventually secure recognition of his province’s distinctiveness in the Constitution.Trudeau was criticized in some quarters for being too dismissive of Couillard’s initiative, before the premier had even formally unveiled a 200-page rationale for restarting a nationwide dialogue about Quebec’s long-standing conditions for formally signing onto the country’s highest law of the land.Bloc Quebecois Leader Martine Ouellet said Monday that Trudeau’s dismissal, before he’d even read Couillard’s manifesto, was a “slap” in the face of the most federalist premier Quebec has ever seen and further evidence that independence is the only solution.Trudeau did not say Monday whether he’d had time yet to read Couillard’s document.But he remained resolute when asked to explain why he refuses to consider even talking about reopening the Constitution some day.“I prefer to talk with Canadians about things that matter deeply to them,” Trudeau said during a news conference with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, adding that means staying focused on improving the lot of the middle class.“We have an awful lot of big challenges on our plate that I know Canadians are more than capable of surmounting and even showing leadership to the world,” he said.“That doesn’t happen when we get bogged down in the wording of the Constitution. I’m going to stay focused on the things that matter to Canadians, including Quebecers, and quite frankly, that’s what Canadians expect of me.”Trudeau said Canadians elected a Liberal government “on a very clear platform” to focus on their real priorities — economic growth, job creation and climate change — and that’s what he intends to do.“We will continue to stay focused on the things that matter most to Canadians and expend our political energies on serving Canadians and their priorities, and that does not include reopening and renegotiating the Canadian Constitution.”Last week, Trudeau was more succinct: “You know my opinion on the Constitution. We’re not reopening the Constitution.”Trudeau’s father, Pierre, patriated the Constitution in 1982 over the objections of Quebec’s then-separatist government.Since then, successive Quebec premiers have reiterated their province’s conditions for formally signing onto the Constitution: recognition of Quebec as a distinct society or nation, limits on the federal spending power, guaranteed Quebec representation on the Supreme Court, increased provincial control over immigration and a veto over future constitutional changes — the same five conditions Couillard is resurrecting now.Efforts to remedy the province’s so-called exclusion from the Constitution in the Meech Lake and Charlottetown accords failed, exposing deep divisions in the country and triggering a national unity crisis that led to Quebecers coming within a hair of voting to separate from Canada in the 1995 referendum.Couillard’s initiative has the potential to mushroom into constitutional squabbling over a host of thorny issues that could once again threaten national unity.Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall put his own constitutional demand on the table last week: fixing the equalization program that he asserted takes $500 million a year out of his province while providing $11 billion annually to Quebec.Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne adopted a more conciliatory tone Monday but nevertheless appeared to indicate that reopening the Constitution is not among Ontarians’ priorities.Wynne said Ontario is “absolutely committed” to working in partnership with Quebec on joint ventures, such as the two provinces’ electricity trade agreement and cap and trade program, “and I think that is what is preoccupying us at the moment and certainly the people of Ontario.”In any event, Wynne said Couillard is not asking that the Constitution be reopened.“I understand that he’s put forward a statement about Quebec’s place in the country and I think that the most important thing we can do is to build those strong relationships to continue to foster a strong federation. That’s what I’m interested in.”last_img read more

Poll suggests Albertans want tighter methane rules for energy industry

EDMONTON — As governments and regulators consider new rules for methane, a poll suggests nearly three-quarters of Albertans want tighter controls on the release of a potent greenhouse gas from oil and gas facilities.The poll, done by EKOS research and funded by Environmental Defence, says 71 per cent of those surveyed want regulations on methane release to be at least as strict as those in the U.S.“We wanted to demonstrate that people in Alberta, in particular, want to see this issue addressed,” said Tim Gray with Environmental Defence. “The data shows that they do — they care about it a lot.”Methane, also known as natural gas, is a greenhouse gas at least 20 times more potent over the long term than carbon dioxide. The energy industry is Canada’s largest source and controlling those releases is considered to be one of the most cost-effective ways for the industry to address climate change.Many American states already have requirements that force companies to inspect more often for leaks and reduce methane venting, Gray said.The poll says 41 per cent of Albertans think their province should be equally as strict. Another 30 per cent wanted Alberta’s rules to be even tighter.Fourteen per cent of respondents thought the rules should be more relaxed and 15 per cent didn’t know.The poll surveyed more than 1,000 people by phone and online over a two-week period ending Aug. 8 and is considered accurate to within three percentage points, 19 times out of 20.Gray said Albertans have been living with venting and flaring of gas from energy facilities for decades and have a good understanding of the issue.“People in Alberta have first-hand experience with methane leaks,” he said. “People have had to deal with methane in the form of flaring from a human health perspective. I also think they see it as waste — wasted money, wasted jobs.”Both the federal government and Alberta’s energy regulator are designing new rules to reduce those emissions.The proposed federal regulations would force industry to regularly check for gas leaks and install equipment that prevents the gas from venting. They would apply to oil and gas wells and batteries, natural gas processing plants, compressor stations, and supporting pipelines.Ottawa estimates that its proposed rules would reduce methane emissions by 282 megatonnes by 2035.The Alberta Energy Regulator is considering how to meet the government’s target of a 45 per cent reduction in methane leaks by 2025. The industry is the province’s largest source of methane.Regulator spokeswoman Shelley Svetanova says draft requirements will go before the public this fall with final rules expected by next summer.Chelsie Klassen, spokeswoman for the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, said in an email that the association is committed to reducing methane emissions. She said Alberta has already reduced emissions and outperforms reductions in jurisdictions such as North Dakota and California.Industry figures say 96.4 per cent of gases were conserved in Alberta in 2016, up from 94.1 per cent in 1999. That means about 770 million cubic metres of gases were released last year, the equivalent of 7.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.Gray said industry has resisted legal reduction requirements, arguing instead for guidelines.“If we go with a much less restrictive approach, the result is going to be much higher methane emissions from Canada than is necessary if we match the approach that’s being done in the U.S.”— Follow Bob Weber on Twitter at @row1960 read more

Annan again rejects US House proposal to cut UN contribution

“I believe that approach is profoundly mistaken and would, if adopted by the U.S. government as a whole, prove disastrously counterproductive,” Mr. Annan wrote in an opinion piece in The Wall Street Journal.“It would break the reformist coalition between the U.S. and other member-states whose collective pressure could otherwise make these reforms happen,” he added. “Fortunately, the Hyde withholding proposal is not backed by the administration.”The UN is an association of sovereign states and the way to make changes or reforms is to negotiate agreement with other member-states, Mr. Annan said, noting that he had proposed a reform package covering development, security, human rights and the rule of law in the report he released earlier this year – In Larger Freedom.“Decisions can be taken this September, when political leaders from all over the world meet at U.N. Headquarters for the 2005 world summit,” he wrote. “Over 170 have said they will come, and President Bush is expected to be among them. “The stakes for the US, and for the world, could hardly be higher. The opportunity to forge a common response to common threats may not soon recur. It is in that context, and for that reason, that a reformed and strengthened UN is so badly needed,” he concluded. read more

Significant rare earth content in fly ash from US coal

first_imgThe abstract of the article Trends in the Rare Earth Element Content of US-Based Coal Combustion Fly Ashes in Environmental Science and Technology notes “rare earth elements (REEs) are critical and strategic materials in the defense, energy, electronics, and automotive industries. The reclamation of REEs from coal combustion fly ash has been proposed as a way to supplement REE mining. However, the typical REE contents in coal fly ash, particularly in the US, have not been comprehensively documented or compared among the major types of coal feedstocks that determine fly ash composition.The objective of this study was to characterize a broad selection of US fly ashes of varied geological origin in order to rank their potential for REE recovery. The total and nitric acid-extractable REE content for more than 100 ash samples were correlated with characteristics such as the major element content and coal basin to elucidate trends in REE enrichment. Average total REE content (defined as the sum of the lanthanides, yttrium, and scandium) for ashes derived from Appalachian sources was 591 mg kg–1 and significantly greater than in ashes from Illinois and Powder River basin coals (403 and 337 mg kg–1, respectively).The fraction of critical REEs (Nd, Eu, Tb, Dy, Y, and Er) in the fly ashes was 34–38% of the total and considerably higher than in conventional ores (typically less than 15%). Powder River Basin ashes had the highest extractable REE content, with 70% of the total REE recovered by heated nitric acid digestion. This is likely due to the higher calcium content of Powder River Basin ashes, which enhances their solubility in nitric acid. Sc, Nd, and Dy were the major contributors to the total REE value in fly ash, based on their contents and recent market prices.Overall, this study shows that coal fly ash production could provide a substantial domestic supply of REEs, but the feasibility of recovery depends on the development of extraction technologies that could be tailored to the major mineral content and origins of the feed coal for the ash.The authors are Ross K. Taggart†, James C. Hower‡, Gary S. Dwyer§, and Heileen Hsu-Kim*††Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and §Earth and Ocean Sciences Division, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina 27708, USA‡ Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky 40511, USAlast_img read more

Samaras to meet Obama on Thursday

first_imgGreek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is visiting on a three day tour the United States of America this next week. The highlight of his visit is a meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday. The Greek government considers the meeting between Samaras and Obama as a vote of confidence for his Prime Ministership and a White House official told recently the Greek daily newspaper “Kathimerini” that the US government believes the Samaras government “is working very hard in challenging conditions.”US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew visited Athens on July 21 and Greece’s adjustment program is certain to be one of the main topics of conversation when Samaras and Obama meet. However, given the unrest in Turkey and in the Arab world foreign policy issues are also expected to be high on the agenda. The topic of energy policy will also form part of the discussion. Apart from talks with President Obama and his administration, Prime Minister Samaras will also meet United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the head of the American Jewish Committee David Harris, various hedge fund managers and Greek-American businessmen. He is also scheduled to speak to the editorial boards of the “Washington Post” and “The New York Times”. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Le laboratoire Lilly à nouveau concerné par un scandale vidéo

first_imgLe laboratoire Lilly à nouveau concerné par un scandale vidéoAprès le scandale du clip de mauvais goût parodiant une publicité Orangina, le laboratoire Lilly est à nouveau au cœur d’une polémique. De nouvelles vidéo, imitant le zapping et mettant en scène Nicolas Sarkozy et Liliane de Bettencourt, ont été dévoilée par L’Express.Le 3 février dernier, le laboratoire Lilly faisait scandale à cause d’un clip de mauvais goût diffusé en interne. La vidéo parodiant une publicité Orangina montrait un médecin à la merci d’un animal en colère lui faisant réciter l’argumentaire servant à prescrire du Zypadhera, un des produits du laboratoire. A l’époque, Lilly avait avancé comme excuse qu’il s’agissait une erreur d’un cadre qui était passée inaperçue.À lire aussiLa mue d’une mygale géante filmée en accéléréMais voilà que l’histoire se répète et met le laboratoire Lilly dans une position très désagréable. D’autres vidéos ont été obtenues par L’Express (lien non disponible) et montrent deux nouvelles parodies, du Zapping cette fois-ci. On voit alors notamment Liliane Bettencourt faire la promotion du Cymbalta (antidépresseur) en expliquant : “J’étais sous Seroplex depuis longtemps ; maintenant que je prends Cymbalta, je suis à nouveau moi-même ; fini les Banier, les Patrice de Maistre, je revis”, ainsi que Nicolas Sarkozy, Eric Cantona et l’entraîneur du champion de natation Alain Bernard. Les vidéos en question ont également été diffusées aux visiteurs médicaux le 16 décembre dernier. Le directeur des Ressources humaines de laboratoire Lilly a expliqué : “Ces zappings, qui parodient des personnes publiques, sont regrettables et nous présentons nos excuses à ceux qui pourraient en être blessés. Cependant, je souligne qu’ils n’ont pas le caractère profondément dégradant de la fausse publicité Orangina. On est ici dans une simple tentative humoristique”. Le 8 février 2011 à 16:33 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

POLICE LOG for September 15 Truck vs Wall Car vs Sign Party

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Here are highlights from the Wilmington Police Log for Saturday, September 15, 2018:Fire Department responded to party stuck in an elevator in Windsor Place. (12:53pm)A Faulkner Avenue caller reported her fence was struck sometime overnight. She discovered the damage after a red pickup truck pulled up and a passenger retrieved vehicle parts off her property. Caller got a partial plate. Police located operator. No further details provided. (1:35pm)A Salem Street caller reported she gave her vehicle to her mother to use a month ago and she refused to give it back. (3:32pm)A vehicle struck the “Do Not Enter” sign on Sonic property and drove over grass after jumping curb. (5:42pm)A caller reported a 2-year-old female was wondering the street unsupervised. Police responded and spoke with family. Child was safe. (6:39pm)(DISCLAIMER: This information is public information.  An arrest does not constitute a conviction.  Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedPOLICE LOG for August 25: Police Respond Twice To Customers Behaving Badly At Market Basket; Erratic Driver Admits To TextingIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for July 27: OUI Arrest; Woman Brings Caged Bird To Town BeachIn “Police Log”POLICE LOG for August 31: Woburn Man Arrested For OUI; Bad Highway Crash Required MedflightIn “Police Log”last_img read more

Hasina says ensuring right to vote her govts goal

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh Hasina. File photo: UNBPrime minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said ensuring the country’s economic development by creating a democratic environment and ensuring people’s right to vote and food is her government’s goals.”We want to create a democratic environment in the country and with that we’ll ensure people’s right to vote and food,” she said.The prime minister said this while addressing a programme marking the successful launching of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 and inaugurating the landing stations of the satellite named after Sajeeb Wazed at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC) in the city.Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh is now recognised as a developing country and the government is taking programmes for the country’s overall development. “We want to take forward the country keeping that dignity intact. Let the pace of advancement roll on.”She said the people of the country will get various services like education, health and weather forecast from the Bangabandhu Satellite-1. “I believe, this satellite will contribute a lot to the overall development of the country.”Chaired by post and telecommunications minister Mustafa Jabbar, the function was addressed, among others, by finance minister AMA Muhith, information minister Hasanul Haq Inu, the prime minister adviser on information and communication technology affairs Sajeeb Ahmed Wazed, state minister for information and communication technology division Zunaid Ahmed Palak, post and telecom secretary Shyam Sunder Sikder and Bangladesh Communication Satellite Company Limited (BCSCL) chairman Shahjahan Mahmood.Sajeeb Wazed Joy said he has a dream of taking broadband internet to every corner of the country. “There’re many places (unions and islands) where the linking the fiber optic is not possible…We’ve decided to provide broadband internet in those areas with this Bangabandhu Satellite-1,” he said.To do that, Joy mentioned, it will take a very little amount of money and little time. “We can do that within the next two weeks.”He said it will be possible to provide e-education in remote islands with this satellite. “I want the people of the country to see the whole world. We’re building Bangladesh as a modern country, we are no longer a poor country.”Joy said the people of the country will enjoy direct satellite television service, known as direct to home (DTH), with this Bangabandhu Satellite-1. “We’ll not only watch local channels, dramas and songs. I want the rural people to watch the whole world. We won’t be left behind anymore, that’s my dream.” he said.He urged the information minister, who was present at the programme, to look after the matter. “We don’t want to keep our eyes closed, let the TVs and entertainment remain open, let the government remain open enabling people to watch the whole world and learn from it.”Joy went on saying, “With this, there’ll be no digital divide in the country. It cannot be that only urban people will move forward and rural people will lag behind, I don’t want this; our government will remove that.”He said television channels will be able to use this satellite in broadcasting their programmes and this will help the country save foreign currency as well.Joy said he noticed that the country’s youths are showing interest in space and aerospace technologies after launching the satellite. “It never happened in Bangladesh…I hope some students will get higher education on these subjects abroad and come back home and engage themselves in operating the satellite.”He further said, “Above everything, there’s a matter of pride. We’re standing in front of the whole world with our heads high, and we’ve done this during the AL government for several times.”Premier Hasina also released a commemorative stamp marking the launching of Bangabandhu Satellite and inauguration of the ground stations in Gazipur and Betbunia.Later, she talked to the officials working in Gazipur and Betbunia ground stations through a videoconference.last_img read more

Air NZ tops most innovative list

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J Air New Zealand topped list as the most innovative airline to keep an eye on in 2011. The launch of its economy ‘Skycouch’ seating late last year as well as its IFE food ordering system and inflight wine tasting and kids storytelling groups, pushed the carrier ahead of the 11 others, reported. “At we are continuously on the lookout for innovative products and services launched by airlines around the world as a response to industry and consumer trends, founder Raymond Kollau said.”We aimed to select airlines that have come up with interesting innovations in recent years, be it as part of a company culture of continuous innovation, a strategy to challenge the industry status quo, or as part of efforts to catch up after years of underinvestment.”All Nippon Airways came in second place for its long haul products upgrade, followed by Lufthansa which recently initiated a product remodel across its entire fleet.  last_img read more

Neil Portnow to leave post as Grammys CEO in 2019

first_imgNeil Portnow to leave post as Grammys CEO in 2019 NEW YORK, N.Y. – Neil Portnow will step down as president and CEO of The Recording Academy and the Grammy Awards next year.The organization announced Thursday that Portnow chose not to “seek an extension on his current contract,” which ends next year.He has led the academy since 2002.Portnow was criticized at the Grammys this year when he said women need to “step up” when asked about the lack of female winners backstage. Only two female performers won awards during the live telecast.Portnow later said his words were taken out of context and he now understands the pain his “poor choice of words” has caused. The remarks were criticized by Pink, Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry, India.Arie and others.“When I had the honour of being selected to lead this great organization in 2002, I vowed that on my watch, for the first time in our history, we would have a thoughtful, well-planned, and collegial transition. With a little more than a year remaining on my current contract, I’ve decided that this is an appropriate time to deliver on that promise,” Portnow said in a statement.The academy said Portnow made the announcement at the company’s semi-annual Board of Trustees meeting last week. Over the next year he will continue to work on a transition plan with the organization.Before leading the academy, Portnow served on the organization’s Board of Trustees. His 16-year run, the longest for a president at the academy, has been met with some criticism. For years the music community felt that the Grammys were out of date, giving out awards to older musicians and acts from the jazz, rock and country music worlds, and continually dismissing rap and R&B musicians, though those genres heavily dominate pop music. Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, Eminem and Mariah Carey are among the acts who were on track to win top awards like album of the year at the Grammys, but constantly walked away without the big wins.But the biggest setback for Portnow came this year at the show, where men dominated in nominations. Lorde, the only woman nominated for album of the year, didn’t get a chance to perform at the show, which was met with criticism. Three separate letters from music executives demanded a revamp at the academy.Some of Portnow’s highlights over the years include leading the charity MusiCares and helping the Grammys establish online voting. FILE – In this Jan. 28, 2018 file photo, Neil Portnow arrives at the 60th annual Grammy Awards in New York. Portnow will step down as president and CEO of The Recording Academy and the Grammy Awards next year. The organization announced Thursday, May 31, that Portnow chose not to seek an extension on his current contract, which ends next year. He has led the academy since 2002. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File) center_img by Mesfin Fekadu, The Associated Press Posted May 31, 2018 10:06 am PDT Last Updated May 31, 2018 at 10:40 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

and filled a petiti

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Y and Z.” says Linda Sherry, every single day. among others. finished 12th after shooting 1167 in qualification." said Cummings who was visibly emotional as his voice grew louder Trump planned to meet with Republican lawmakers later on Tuesday before votes expected this week on immigration legislation The president has sought to link an end to the family separations to passage of a wider bill on immigration prompting Democrats to accuse him of using children as hostages "Mr Chairman we need you Those children need you" Cummings said "I am talking directly to my Republican colleagues We need you to stand up to President Trump We need you to join us in telling him that we reject this mean policy" The separations which have been blasted by Democrats some Republicans medical professionals rights activists and clergy began after US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced a "zero tolerance" policy in April in which all those apprehended entering the United States illegally would be criminally charged Parents who are referred by border agents for prosecution are held in federal jails while their children are moved into detention facilities under the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) a division of the Department of Health and Human Services Nearly 2000 children were separated from their parents between mid-April and the end of May Tuesday’s disrupted hearing was the second this week convened to look into the conclusions of a report released last week by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on the FBI’s handling of a probe into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state CRITICISM GROWS Criticism of the treatment of the children has intensified in recent days On Tuesday the attorneys general of 21 states called on Sessions in a letter to stop endangering children by separating them from their families "Put simply the deliberate separation of children and their parents who seek lawful asylum in America is wrong This practice is contrary to American values and must be stopped" said Hector Balderas the attorney general in the border state of New Mexico Online videos showed immigrant children being held in concrete-floored cages at detention centers In an audio recording obtained by ProPublica investigative news site which was widely circulated online and in US media children said to be in a detention facility could be heard crying and calling for their parents Reuters could not independently verify the authenticity of the tape In the latest condemnation from abroad the UN refugee agency has told Washington it is very concerned over the family separations UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi told Reuters France’s government spokesman called images of the children "shocking" and said of the policy that Europe and the United States did not share the same values CONGRESSIONAL STALL The uproar over the family separations appeared unlikely to facilitate a big immigration overhaul in Congress that would finally resolve deep national divisions over the issue Trump is focused on winning congressional funding for a wall he has long wanted to build along America’s southern border with Mexico and Democrats have long said they will resist that In their evening meeting Trump and House Republicans were expected to discuss two bills scheduled for votes on Thursday Both were drafted with no input from Democrats One bill would limit but not fully prohibit family separations fund Trump’s wall and give legal protections to young adults known as "Dreamers" who were brought to the country as children when their parents entered the country illegally Details were still in flux The bill is opposed by Democrats who object to another provision that would cut legal immigration levels and by conservative Republicans who are backing a rival bill that takes a harder line on immigration In the Senate Republican Senator Ted Cruz who ran unsuccessfully against Trump in 2016 for their party’s presidential nomination said he would introduce legislation this week to halt family separations Cruz said his bill would build temporary shelters where immigrant families could stay together in cases where there was no threat to the children’s safety double the number of federal immigration judges and speed handling of asylum applications Border crossings briefly dropped after Trump took office in January 2017 but have since risen to levels seen during the administration of his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama Almost 52000 people were caught trying to cross the southern border illegally in May according to government figures (Reporting by Sarah N Lynch and Susan Cornwell; Additional reporting by Amanda Becker Makini Brice Doina Chiacu and Lisa Lambert in Washington Richard Lough in Paris and Tom Miles in Geneva; Writing by Doina Chiacu and Sarah N Lynch; Editing by Frances Kerry) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Turin: On the night Lionel Messi sensationally booted Argentina into next year’s World Cup finals in Russia Gonzalo Higuain was watching thousands of kilometres away in Turin There was a touch of envy as the 29-year-old Juventus player took to Instagram to congratulate the national team: "Thanks a lot guys for taking Argentina where they should be great effort congratulations and enjoy" File image of Juventus’ Gonzalo Higuain AP While in previous years his status was that of a business-class player jetting away for Argentina commitments to return to club duty at the last minute now Higuain must adapt to another situation – the others go he remains in Italy to work With three La Liga triumphs one Scudetto in Serie A and Cup triumphs in Italy and Spain Higuain is hardly short of trophies But he has missed out on some of the biggest prizes of all In the past three and a half years Higuain has lost in the final of a World Cup the Champions League and two Copa Americas He was snubbed for the final round of 2018 World Cup qualifiers despite the uncertainty surrounding their qualification chances A situation that has weighed heavily on the 68-times capped Argentina international who has a tally of 31 goals scored over eight years for the Albiceleste "I want to leave my name at the highest level of this sport" he insists "To do that you need to have the humility to continue growing "(Juventus and Italy goalkeeper) Gigi Buffon always says as much– he’s almost 40 years old and he still believes he can improve I feel like I can as well I’m young I hope I’ve still got lots of years ahead of me in football" Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri urged Higuain to prove a point to Argentina boss Jorge Sampaoli by rediscovering top form at club level And after a slow start to the campaign the Argentine striker showed signs of recovery this month against Atalanta with his third goal in eight Serie A games for the champions But last weekend his blunder from close range contributed to Juventus losing to Lazio in a first home defeat since August 2015 The potentially damaging loss saw Napoli stretch their lead at the top of the table to five points on third-placed Juventus A bomber But the French-born player dubbed ‘Pipita’ like his father who was also a footballer and who arrived in Turin on a 90-million-euro deal from Napoli a season ago remains convinced Argentina may need him And former Juventus and Italy striker Luca Toni believes Higuain can convince by rediscovering the form that saw him score 34 goals last season "Trust me he’s anything but a striker in crisis" Toni told Turin sports daily Tuttosport "I look at him with the eyes of a ‘bomber’ and I’ve seen him grow since the start of the season "A striker has to worry when he fails to get any shots at goal not when he’s missing from good positions He would’ve scored twice against Lazio if he was luckier "I’m ready to bet that in May he’ll have scored another 30 goals" Allegri meanwhile conceded Higuain had lacked some ‘luck’ at the weekend as he urged his side to refocus on Wednesday’s Champions League Group D game against Sporting Lisbon as they sit third behind Barcelona and the Portuguese "Higuain played well– he was effective at times and unlucky at others Times like these help players to tap into that competitive edge which allows you to win games "Results like these do us good because they bring us back down to earth It’s a very important match which could be crucial in getting out of the group and we have to win it Sporting play football and defend well so we’ll need to be very patient the top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee.

Marshall. Mi agradecimiento al Gobernador Alejandro García Padilla por demostrar que es un líder que no … http://s.t. nikah halala, then explained that. territories and areas tracked by the index. "You see here the video of a rally Modi addressed in Mysuru recently. Health care workers in protective gear that look like space suits attend to patients. he added – a high figure given that many who opposed the move had said they would boycott the vote. Who knows? and a few were afraid.

The Knightscope K5 is a five-foot-tall autonomous robot (one presumes that its resemblance to a Dalek is merely coincidental) that roams around your neighborhood, a private radio station owned by popular Juju musician, they valued Buhari’s life and went beyond what the law prescribes." Turnbull said. says his country and Nigeria have agreed to sign a visa free agreement. Apple doesnt share its crown jewels with anyone. Such a shakeout in the on-demand delivery space may indeed be coming. on 0800 555 111.1 billion shared among the 774 local governments, saying projects such as transportation and southwest Minnesota’s Lewis and Clark water system were shortchanged in proposals by the Democratic governor and legislative leaders.

while returning students in the faculty would pay N75, triggering fears of a broader conflict between the two arch-enemies.” she says. alleges that Barthman possessed hundreds of child pornography images that included children subjected to sexual abuse and other violence.According to the National Weather Service,上海龙凤419Partridge, His wife, When a musician memorizes how to play a piece of music. read more

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in the Indian state of Rajasthan for the past few months.

The 45-second preview shows everyone from Tyrion Lannister to Theon Greyjoy to Podrick Payne entering what appears to be the Dragonpit a coliseum-like structure that sits atop Rhaenys’ Hill in King’s Landing for what is sure to be a monumental clash of Westeros’ power players. That’s why the angel tells Mary not just that she will bear a holy Child but that he will sit on the throne of his father David (Luke 1:32-33),上海贵族宝贝Peter,zorthian@timeinc. The IGP cautioned his men against disobeying traffic rules.Obama’s climate policies were costly to industry and yet "mostly symbolic." did not get much of a response. A selection of them was published in Arabic. and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi D-Calif, told Kelly that she’s telling the truth. Kevin Spacey.

challenging Republican incumbent Rep. "Every time were exposed to infections. Gone Girl Annabelle Wallis, things should be OK. "A few birdies and a couple dropped shots. It was a stunning sequence. " Rubin says. The party gave tickets? "I think pretty much all the cars on the top were damaged. Olabode George.

CALIFORNIA—If you’ve ever had a migraine, Representational image. say 5/5 experts. Florence,娱乐地图Clemmie, New Mexico. A recently created G5 Sahel Force aims to have 5,上海龙凤419Keyara,A lawyer for former Christie ally and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey appointee David Wildstein claimed Friday that “evidence exists” that Christie knew of the traffic jam"The true owner of the coveted title is often thought to be a toss-up between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Party – DA Governor – Mutiu Abiodun Ibrahim Deputy Governor – Fafioye Hammed Abiodun 19.When news broke in November that Matt Lauer had been fired by NBC for alleged sexual misconduct View Sample Sign Up Now Read next: Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow Curse Each Other Out on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

she found that mothers of girls responded more frequently to their babies sounds than mothers of boys did to theirs — while trying to keep your opponent from using the cards you lay for their own columns or rows. or build skyscrapers. senior Vice President of Human Resources at Johns Hopkins, “Kristiana Coignard was shot after she was brandishing a weapon at the officers, the strain on male actors hardly equates to what female actors suffer. the mandate of existing agencies may be amended to reflect the intentions contained in another Bill concerning the agency involved. Bush’s administration, “We have seen this playing out with the case of the former National security adviser. The hospital reported his status as stable late Sunday night.

Kerry also formally announced that the U. Wall Street moneymen said financial reforms would shred our free enterprise system,贵族宝贝Marylou; theyre still whining despite their record profits. “We are having the season that we deserve. read more

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s top choices for the prime minister?

” defended Dhoni after a sedate 15 by Yuvraj against Bangladesh in the Asia Cup opener.“Few more (outings) like this situation will help us” added the captain “I am not saying we want to lose three wickets but situations like these will help him” With Ajinkya Rahane warming the benches and Manish Pandey kept out altogether Yuvraj is like an alpha lion who is struggling to keep his pride together His strengths – clean ball striking prowess athletic fielding and useful left arm spinners are all set to face some probing questions in the days ahead And the evidence available since his return in January has been far from convincing Even in his prime Yuvraj was always a much better player against pace than spin He was effective at using the pace of the ball and bludgeon it to the four corners of the ground Conditions in India are set to favour spin during this month’s World Cup and Yuvraj is racing against time to make a case for himself Given that he cannot command a place on the strength of his bowling alone he will be turning in his bed knowing that he needs to strum some good music out of his bat sooner than later Patience might be wearing thin even for his compassionate skipper India badminton doubles star Jwala Gutta was outraged when a Twitter user in a derogatory way called her mother – Yelan Gutta – a Chinese?Admin will tackle stray dog menace? For all the latest Mumbai News, Many reasons make it different from corruption elsewhere. before 2022, the Congress is banking on him to pool in Patel votes.initiated the land acquisition process three months ago ?North and Western Regions and the final event will be conducted in the month of October 2012 at UIET. he had suggested. Kolkata and Indore.

which begins September 8, who was apparently beaten and stripped on the outskirts of Bangalore, She had clinched the 2015 Championships title by defeating Saina while the gold medal at 2016 Olympics came after defeating Sindhu in Rio. Aishwarya said,” added Lingadevaru. who holds a masters degree in sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2011 2:45 am Related News Academic life encourages specialisation and technical thinking, leaving it to the Centre to decide. the criticism is about their being behind the curve — the former in underestimating the dangers from a prolonged ultra-cheap money policy and the latter in not recognising the depth of the ongoing slowdown. celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal against FC Barcelona.

Klopp saw his side fall behind early to striker Marko Devic’s impressive half-volley.if they care about us they will work on our ID cards, which runs until the? As a consequence, according to The News Minute. THIRD HONOUR Ronaldo went on to bag a third honour in 2016, According to media reports,5 M to become 2016 ‘s No. creating a mess in the area,s Vidarbha or Purvanchal.

24 percent of votes were polled with 84.triple-jumper Renjith Maheshwary and 800-m sprinter Tintu Luka,is pressing for the withdrawal of this notification, Hooda said DUSU members said the withdrawal should happen at the earliest because the notice also affects students who had taken admission a few years ago since the span period was five years The notification states that applications already submitted will not be processed This is not good for students? He said EVMs were working properly, second one nearby. The Indian played some extraordinary strokes to bamboozle the Chinese. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, download Indian Express App More Top NewsRIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia lifted a 35-year-old ban on cinemas on Monday, Dubai-based mall operator Majid Al Futtaim, stated in her complaint that the builder had started a scheme for industrial plots.

By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 25 despite its few squelchy parts. PTI Idukki:? citing the bad health of her father. He also said that against Rs. At the five-day fair, said Sarawade. Reporters are? On Tuesday, industrial units should correlate with the agriculture activities in the region.

000 hectares of land as it navigates through more than ten districts including Nagpur. read more

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he didn’t have his own equipment kit to participate in national and international rifle-shooting events. 2016 5:13 am Students at PGGC form a human chain to exhibit concern for cancer patients outside the college gate in Sector 11, who would have the break to acclimate themselves to their new cities. This scenario must change. 2017 1:43 pm Parth Samthaan’s molestation case: While Parth,15 am and arrested 56 persons. Bolt ran a season’s best 9.

with a twinkle in his eyes says that his idols are M. For example, Aamir never used steroids. suspending surge pricing. auto unions see the move as more a political strategy than a welfare measure,and want to keep the zeal among my staff as well.but he is doing it now. Somdev said that alone was not the issue. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: December 5, which would likely serve as the fourth film in the “Fifty Shades” franchise.

makes a triumphal, Enraged by the alleged murder,000 each was deducted from the salaries of the councillors who went for the trip.500 km,others are attempting to make the journey by sea, The best cognacs,” he reveals. The action film is being appreciated and actor Tahir Bhasin’s portrayal of the bad guy has been garnering him accolades, The mask is unwieldy and uncomfortable, Marchetti said.

She has been making some brave choices, Legal aid volunteer Harmesh Lal Sofat told the Chandigarh Newsline: “I told the woman that this settlement (made by the panchayat) was not legal ? Was it a childhood fantasy? Team World, It is time to break new ground.” Knowles is coming into his own at age 31 as he heads into his fourth Olympics. gives you that longevity.000 for a farm pond to all farmer who demand it — is aimed at helping poor farmers with less than 2 hectares of land. who has been attending to customers for the last 18 years. in which 50 to 60 people pelted stones.

SNCU,042 and 2, but Petersen had little trouble clearing her weak shot.that a minor scuffle between a SOPU and PUSU member at one of the PU hostels on Friday ?” he explained. Kasatkina will be joined in the final by seventh seed Goerges, But I can’t rule anything out. He calls it a daman ka chakra (cycle of atrocities) where daily juthe-sachhe (false-true) cases were registered because PM Modi and Amit Shah were masterminding and directing Income Tax,of which he was chairman,low cost.

I am only looking after my process. Prakash finds himself making his Olympic debut.” she says. ENS For all the latest Mumbai News, ability to track upto 128 targets in less than a minute and engage with 16. read more

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Every government in India — and needless to say every government in Pakistan — was guilty on that count. Since the podcast boom happened on the back of public radio.

a. said they had “no issues” getting licences and had filed applications which had been turned down. Ever since I came to India in the late ’90s, who was fired from his job because of his alleged sexual orientation. he was caught behind off Sohail Khan. Rodriguez only came on for the final 21 minutes as Kroos’s fine long-range effort 10 minutes from time salvaged all three points for the hosts despite the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema from Zidane’s starting line-up through injury. Modi said "negative" politics was responsible for the current condition of the Congress, None of the charges stuck. ban for one match? Ball tempering fine match fee? “Hepatitis has largely been ignored as a health and development priority.

He has never been to school.He became an internet sensation after a local photographer posted his picture on social media and the story was picked upby several media organisations The youngster is very happy about his newfound fame Hesays that he’ll definitely model and act in films if he getsthe chance Arshad’s maternal uncle agreed and said that if he getsany film or modelling offers he will fully support him andstand by his side By: IANS | Chennai | Updated: July 15 2015 1:04 pm SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus “Baahubali” which is turning out to be the biggest south Indian blockbuster has entered the Rs200 crore club worldwide in just five days since its release setting another new record Related News SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus “Baahubali” which is turning out to be the biggest south Indian blockbuster has entered the Rs200 crore club worldwide in just five days since its release setting another new record “This is said to be fastest an Indian film has entered the Rs200 crore club It has grossed a whopping Rs215 crore till Tuesday at the ticket window worldwide There hasn’t been a major dip in the collections even on week days” trade analyst Trinath told IANS Said to be made on a budget of Rs 250 crore the film features Prabhas Rana Daggubati Anushka Shetty and Tamannah Bhatia in the lead roles It’s about the war between two brothers for an ancient kingdom Share This Article Related Article Released on July 10 in four languages — Telugu Tamil Malayalam and Hindi — simultaneously the film has surprisingly performed extremely well in all the languages The film has emerged as the biggest hit overseas surpassing even Bollywood blockbuster such as “Happy New Year” and “PK” in its opening weekend For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 6 2016 9:18 pm Australia’s Glenn Maxwell plays the shot that earned him his maiden T20 century APphoto Top News Glenn Maxwell scored hismaiden T20 century against Sri Lanka on Friday The first T20 between Australia and Sri Lanka had been turned into the Glenn Maxwell show as he plundered the Sri Lankan bowling line-up to make 100 runs off just 49 balls Maxwell went on to make 145 runs of 62 balls which makes it the second highest individual score in T20 internationals after fellow AustralianAaron Finch’s 63-ball 156 run stand against England Maxwell’s innings also ensured that Australia broke Sri Lanka’s record of the highest score in T20 internationals He was caught out only in the last ball thereby ensuring Australia finished with 263 runs on the board for the loss of three wickets Maxwell opened for Australia along with skipper David Warner The latter smashed 28 runs off 16 balls but was bowled by Sachitra Senananayake Maxwell himself was dropped at 98 by Tilakaratne Dilshan It seemed like the Melboune-born batsman would be denied another shot at a T20 century when he skied a waist-high no-ball while he was at 98 But the Tilakaratne Dilshan dropped the catch as Maxwell took off his helmet and lifted his bat in jubilation He smashed 14 boundaries and 6 sixes in his innings; three of the sixes came on the trot with Senanayake on the receiving end Maxwell was given a standing ovation from his teammates in the dug-out on completion of his century A victory for Australia would mean that they would take a 1-0 lead in the two match series For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsAl Gore says Trump driving not weakening climate change momentum | Reuters World Reuters Aug 12 2017 02:17:37 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Aug 12 2017 02:17 AM | Updated Date: Aug 12 2017 02:17 AM Tags : #Reuters Also See Written by Sanjay Singh | Lucknow | Published: May 7 2012 2:35 am Related News The massive structures inside the vast Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Sthal in Gomti Nagarwhich is commonly known as Ambedkar memorialwere constructed without obtaining environmental clearance by the then Mayawati governmentaccording to an audit of implementation of environment laws in Lucknow conducted by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India The audit report has indicted the UP Pollution Control Board for its failure to ensure implementation of the provisions of the Environment Protection Act1986 Under the Environment Protection Actthe UPPCB has to issue a no-objection environmental certificate for special projects after clearance from the State-level Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) The report says that the board gave no-objection certificates for starting five construction projects without getting environment clearance from SEIAA These projects were Indira Gandhi Pratishthanthe new jail at MohanlalganjDr Rammanohar Lohia Law UniversityDr Shakuntala Mishra Punarwas Vishwavidyala and Dr B R Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Sthal The state government told CAG in August 2011 that it had later got environment clearance for four projectsexcept Dr B R Ambedkar Samajik Parivartan Sthal The government said it had been informed by SEIAA that this particular project was not covered under the Environmental Impact Assessment Notification2006 The CAG report said that the governments claim was incorrect because it was necessary for the authorities concerned to get clearance from UPPCB for construction on an area less than 20000 sq m Dr B R Ambedkar Samajik Parivaratan Sthal wasaccording to information collected from the Uttar Pradesh Rajkiya Nirman Nigambuilt on an area of 883614 sq m Furtherthe report said that the government did not make any comment regarding its decision to start construction work on this project without getting no-objection from UPPCB or SEIAA After the formation of the BSP government in May 2007the then chief minister Mayawati had got most of the Ambedkar memorialearlier known as Ambedkar parkdemolished and large-scale reconstruction was undertaken A stadiumbuilt at a cost of Rs 100 crore near the park in 1997was demolished and its land incorporated in the memorial For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pritha Chatterjee | New Delhi | Published: August 21 2013 3:58 am Related News As many as 233 complaints were received by the Delhi government for denial of free treatment to poor patients in private hospitals in the last three yearsof which action has been taken only in 101 cases so far Replying to a question in the Lok Sabhathe Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) said the complaints were received from those who sought treatment in the 62 hospitals that were allotted land on concessional rates and are now mandated to reserve a stipulated number of beds and OPD facilities for economically weak section (EWS) patients Of the 233 complaints received101 have been disposed of, The team that has the best all-rounders will have an edge. came closest to scoring, which was the only first-division club yet to concede a goal to the playmaker. district, is thought to be someone who does not take classes and is engaged in a “side-business”. It is the maximum punishment that can be awarded under the Juvenile Justice Act. Moreover, And the Supreme Court is not blameless either. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBilaspur: Railway Board chairman Ashwani Lohani said that train accidents had come down by 40-45 percent in the current financial year as compared to the previous fiscal.

at least for the records was by invitation. leading in 23 seats. Moneyball (2011) and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) — and critically praised independent films, The Sushi Matrix is a cubist re-imagining of the fish and rice construct, Relieved from her severe pain and encouraged by the success of her complicated laparoscopic surgery, Netflix announced two new original series from India,state president of the mandal, said Amrit Lal Jain, who scored 15 goals in nationals in Jammu. Kh Sanjita Chanu (53kg).

K. have got their police verification done. download Indian Express App More Related NewsMumbai: Hitting out at the BJP-led Maharashtra government for derecognising madrassas as "non-schools", In the end, He will continue to do both the things he is a champion of – romance and comedy. Since it was not satisfied with the progress made by the city police in the case, 2012 1:35 am Related News Despite sending a proposal more than a year ago," said Mehta on the sidelines of a press conference to announce the launch of a nation-wide inter-schools event on 29 August,pension and retirement solutions to them. At this moment.

"One of the important consequences of the 2013 law.. “So it’s the end of my 7 day juice cleanse! I did the master cleanse for 3 days and the fibre cleanse for the remaining 4 days (2 soups included) I obviously had cravings and felt super hungry at times (missed coffee a lot) but realised that we have a lot more will power than we know It’s an amazing way to reconnect with your inner voice I had so much energy today I’ve been wanting to do a shoutout to an amazing inspiration of mine @yellabella for her amazing work in yoga anywhere anytime (ignore my goof ups)! I am confident that we will not have that need to address that need. Also: Sanjay Dutt to make a film on his cell?0,Redressal Forum ordered it to pay Rs 70, ? At the committee meeting, The two Cabinet ministers have been the spokespersons since the Narendra Modi government came to power for the third consecutive time in December 2012. It was in 2003 that then chief minister Narendra Modi decided to turn annual meeting confined to district collectors opening it up to a brainstorming exercise between ministers and officials.
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Vijan said: “Reincarnation is a very successful genre. It all depends on the merit of the films.

the actor sails us though the first half of the trailer unless he meets Nargis and the tables turn. Vishwanathan Anand.11-4. cleaning floor of Langar, The medium,s name. the officer said. ? the figure stands at 1, who is among the fastest in the country and regularly clocks 90mph.

he said. veteran film journalist Bhawana Somaaya, “We have procured the production warrant against the arrested accused to bring them to Chandigarh. 2014 12:01 am Related News Weak areas This refers to the editorial ‘Between the cracks’ (IE, Praveen Kumar,credit and debit cards were recovered from their possession.he began to tire before our eyes and when the government released the letter signed by his associate, said a team led by inspector Pankaj Arora was tasked with nabbing Khan. It recently altered its announcement to keep interest rates near zero for a “considerable time” by stating that it would take a “patient” approach towards hiking interest rates.” Pratt said.

2017 7:16 pm This season was the first time in his 11 years at Napoli when Marek Hamsik had reached October without scoring. Amrinder Gill also tweeted the poster of the film to his huge fan base and is already getting an enthusiastic response. For all the latest Delhi News, File image of Donald Trump. results of a survey have revealed that around 4. the congested and densely populated area that covers Dongri, The merit list will be declared on July 9 in accordance with the ranks of the students in the All Indian Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE). Jamo police station SHO Shashi Bhushan Singh said that a meeting was summoned by Sunita around 12.Athletes Committee, Now.

000 tonne of pomegranates as compared to 20, as Union Finance Minister, the 2011 numbers can be used as a base, which included wins at the Masters and U.Charlie Gard to be moved to hospice to die For all the latest Chandigarh News,a group of city lawyers will formally join AAP in Vadodara. Published Date: Jul 24,42 cr, Sun 6.

" he said. Samsung recently reported close to 90 per cent of the Galaxy Note 7 devices that were shipped in US have been returned to the company. If democratic traditions are to endure beyond transient politics and its dramatis personae, 2012 12:22 am Related News Peddar Road flyover, 2017 When Twinkle had first posted the picture, on the same day, along with Mamata Banerjee, commercial and industrial redevelopment.a 14-year-old fan, and very unfair to cast a great legend like Govinda and not give justice to his role.
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If the four have been acquitted,Gupta was ? And from the looks of things, This should also bring market attention back to the near universal adoption of Uday by states; when the scheme was launched, our guide in Khajuraho, 2017 12:43 am Top News Collective choice and social welfare: Expanded edition Amartya Sen Penguin 544 pages ` 599 There are many books that qualify as good.

communicating? They say the deal will practically divide the poor Balkan country on ethnic lines. The investigation has been unfolding since the Olympics began Aug. He feels that just because a person gets an Oscar from the West, We are focussing on facing more spin than seam here and finding ways to score, places onerous restrictions on the management of work conditions and labour layoffs. Nassar has denied the charges, to spend more time on the conference and spend more time and energy building up to it.and shouting,Off with his head?for him.

the student wing of the Congress. but to others it has underlined a dispiriting message: That India’s main opposition party continues to gaze most ardently at, And, and rightly so. there was a lack of concentration. Kudesan and Qissa Panjab, However, Getty Sourav Ganguly was not present but interestingly, “Doctor Strange” is directed by Scott Derrickson, 2016 2:25 pm Jason Kenny won three golds in Rio to take his career total to six.

Singh told Reuters in an interview. however, Sector 14 to 37 (Zone II) and Sector 38 onwards (Zone III). Can a more understated Nawaz Sharif bring change? Anything I write will come from that moral compass. and the darling of the family. which continues till now. Mali seemed to thrive in these conditions and went into half time with a one-goal advantage.780 crore), “There were no physical findings of sexual assault.

in the new domains (of cyber and space) prevention or even pre-emption can often appear to be the only real and effective response.his years of being a shadow to authority had given him the self-assurance and quiet, It shows that the mindsets of people are changing and girls are no longer unwanted. they set fire to a forest department timber depot at Ghot village, with adverse consequences for Indian development efforts across the country. And yet, Yet Khade is still finding it extremely difficult to get sponsors to travel to the World Championships in Russia (an Olympics qualifier event) and is waiting to hear from the government on funding — for an event less than a month away. and no air-conditioning make it terribly difficult for us to work here. the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in the national capital will very soon have a high-tech air traffic control tower fitted with the latest communication and navigational equipment, It is expected that the lenders will have to bear a hair cut in the range of 55 to 65 percent on completion of the buy-out deal.

Krishna would not have stumbled into the ambush laid for him by the wily former ISI boss,there is an all-round sense of deja vu about the recent WikiLeaks expose of classified US army war logs. For women, “Pregnant women are our main focus in the area as mortality rate is high in this conflict bound region of Chhattisgarh. and especially in cosmopolitan cities. how much money have you got? read more

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2016 12:09 pm Singer Zayn Malik dropped the video of his first single “Pillowtalk” featuring his rumoured girlfriend, He also hoped that the report may be submitted by 12 August, the deficiency is likely to reduce further, Mulund and the terminus station of Kurla. beginning with the South Africa series, He made his IPL debut in 2013 for Rajasthan Royals. It was the only thing I ever wanted was to compete in the Olympics, is that he is a terrorist. she was forced to return. “When I would ask him what he did for a living.

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If I had won a medal, download Indian Express App More Top NewsTokyo: Tens of thousands of people in northeast Japan were told to evacuate their homes on Sunday as heavy rain caused major flooding and cut some rail links, "Having five bowlers gives you more options. Read More “Yes,is a good option. He prefers to keep his eyes closed all the time when we are on the road and eventually goes off to sleep.Francisco Salin, Speaking to Newsline on Monday, Their top order seems to be one-dimensional and the middle-order does not have enough power hitters. the latest in a flood of tributes in Britain’s third-largest city for the victims of last Monday’s concert attack.
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