China Electronics 8 6 generation LCD panel plans to invest 28 billion in Sichuan

With the continuous development of

technology, the development of economy. At the same time, constant innovation, not only for the development of the economy has injected new vitality, but also led to local employment! Below we look at the 8.6 generation of Chinese Electronic LCD panel related reports.

China electronic 8.6 generation LCD panel production line project is located in Shuangliu West Port Development Zone, Sichuan plans to invest 28 billion yuan, after the operation, the annual output value of about 20 billion yuan, profits and taxes paid 3 billion yuan last year. In addition to bringing tax benefits, but also to bring 15 thousand jobs to the land. At the same time, the project will also speed up the promotion of Chengdu electronic information industry to trillion yuan forward.

output value is expected annual output value of 20 billion yuan

invested 28 billion yuan of the project used to produce what? According to reports, the 8.6 generation LCD panel production line, the production line using IGZO technology, the main production of more than 4.7 inches and display (including modules).

project construction area of about 900 thousand square meters, the main content of the building includes the array of plants, color film / box factory, modular plant and supporting power facilities. The project construction period of 20 months, climbing period (project to production) 9 months, the project is expected to put into production capacity may 75-100K glass substrate (2200mm× 2500mm), the annual output value of 20 billion yuan.

this project is the largest electronic information industrialization project in Chengdu in recent years.

affect annual contribution tax 3 billion yuan

a project after landing, can bring to the local what kind of impact?

The general manager of

Chinese Electronic Information Industry Group Co. Ltd Liu Liehong said Chinese electronic production 8.6 generation LCD panel production line products mainly for computer and TV, in large size panels and modules, the mobile internet terminal products. Is expected to reach 75 thousand after the formation of the monthly production capacity of about 20 billion yuan, the annual profit and tax of $3 billion.

it is certain that a considerable portion of these profits will be used to develop local people’s livelihood projects and further promote local development.

positive to provide 15 thousand jobs

steady growth, one of the important tasks is to protect employment. During the interview WCC reporter, who lives in the West Airport Area of Qin Yu asked: this project settled in Shuangliu, can increase my chances of employment?

it is understood that the project and supporting the project construction

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