What are the needs of the early work of the ceramic tile store

this is not easy to open a shop, if it is to open a franchise, no doubt still facing the choice of a suitable brand, investors naturally have more requirements. About joining tile shop in this matter, for the uninitiated, may think it is not difficult to understand; and the contact of the profession, a ceramic stores want to smooth opening, in fact, is not an easy thing. Want to join the tile shop, in addition to doing a good job of capital preparation, and what preparatory work need to pay attention to it?

first step. Be prepared for

First of all, the

should be fully prepared mentally and spiritually. Choose entrepreneurship, means that their career, his responsibility is to cannot be mention in the same breath compared to work for other people. The shop is more tired, first of all to do a good job of the plan, before the opening of the ceramic tile store to seriously consider whether their personality is suitable for entrepreneurship, their interest in this.

second step. Careful selection of brands and manufacturers

choose a right tile to join the project, is undoubtedly a good start to join the cause. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are. The brand and price choice, in general, can adopt the following methods:

a focus on market research, market analysis and forecast.

to carefully examine the local business situation in the same industry, local consumer income levels, product demand, etc..

two to see the strength of manufacturers.

this is mainly to see the size of the manufacturers to join the manufacturers and the number of products on the investment, the general cooperation with a large scale of the manufacturers, sales have considerable protection, the heart is also a little practical.

three is to look at corporate policy.

companies choose to choose a good reputation, can give the policy to support the tile franchisee business, good brand and poor brand often have a big gap.

third step. Capital reserve

when you initially selected to join the project, and then to solve the problem is to raise funds. Because of adverse to raise money, there are a lot of people shop thoughts will come to naught. Therefore, if there is the preparation of ceramic tile stores, usually pay attention to conservation, as much as possible to store some start-up funds.

fourth step. Shop location


tile stores the choice of shops, is a long-term investment to join the relationship with the franchise is not recommended

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