Sell these things for Christmas

Christmas is a good holiday, at the same time, there are a lot of people are celebrating Christmas, Christmas is coming once a year, a lot of people are waiting patiently for the holidays, but also some people already started planning to sell what?

1, the clothing is not too cold, but Christmas hats and wide applicable people, young people and children to wear more, therefore, try to choose the new hat into, not too many similar goods.

2, like inflatable goods sell well, especially children and young people. In addition to ordinary balloon, Santa Claus, Christmas Sleigh, Christmas tree, Christmas hats, animal shaped balloons and inflatable hammers, these are the sales.

3, you can also sell jewelry decorations, Christmas ornaments have a certain sales. The color of white hair, wigs, witch Santa beard, Christmas mask, rabbit ears, and so can the sleigh.

4, in order to heighten the atmosphere, not the main decoration, Christmas tree, and apple (including fruit shape ornaments), Nightlight, bow, can form snowflakes etc..

5, Christmas cards are also good. Is the main fluorescence, fluorescence stick, luminous stickers (face), the beat (in addition to the general applause shoot, there are some luminous film, flash shot), cold fireworks, flash flowers are.

In fact,


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