Store location error how to turn things around

for a business with a small capital store, whether it is clothing, beauty, catering or entertainment industry, needs a good location. But if we choose the wrong address, so you? Of course not, today will teach you a few unique cheats, how to change the location of the poor.

some stores stores may not be changed, the store is the enterprise’s own assets, from its inception there. Then, retailers seem to face a similar "great determination and courage" of the story. A wise man will move their home to another in a wide plain, while the old man chose to move the door "inspired generation after generation of descendants of seven hundred, high Maninsan" Taihang and Wangwu second.

the story we have discussed about the great determination and courage too much, or change the environment is the relocation site choice, is also the retail stores often encounter problems.

If you look at the



the impact of business business barriers like Wangwu merchants can take the Taihang Shan, mountain transfer way to overcome the obstacles, but also can take the shuttle to attract customers or customer import way to steady flow.

1.  increase the number of ads: through the production and dissemination of detailed description of the location of the store DM advertising, increase consumer awareness of the store;

2. recommended door