Break the traditional idea of the store to meet the market needs to do a few points

under the impact of the electricity supplier, the store’s business has encountered more and more difficulties, only to break the traditional ideas, to meet the needs of the market, it can make the store has a better operational development. However, to do this, it is necessary to do more work. So, the store to break the traditional ideas to meet the market needs to do what?

Three key elements of

1. retail store".

Comparison between

and hospital. A lot of people can not enjoy the pharmacy to the hospital, random selection and the nearest to buy these convenience, which is a lot of people go to the hospital, but also to the pharmacy to buy medicine is an important reason.

compared with the electricity supplier. We should be good at playing the store experience and service advantages. Re positioning of the pharmacy store, based on "the best medicine", is mainly to do and stick to the three elements: one is a professional, is a service experience!

in the future, we store to survive, thinking of using the Internet to optimize our own will, to the "professional, experience, service" as the core of our genes, and thus improve the store with the hospital and business customers, the ability of the market share split!

2. how can we achieve the distinction between product display?


will be in stores, chungetao area channel, the cashier and nearby more can reflect the opposite fashion category, because now 85 90 heel has become the main consumer groups, these are the appropriate import category and display, not only to attract some young girls in the shop, but also reflect the nature of the store with different from other channels: more fashion, more professional!

3. intelligent transformation: the transformation of the store into a digital store is the future trend.

Internet to change the times, will also change our business store and business model.

A large number of applications and rapid popularization of intelligent mobile phone

mobile Internet, has brought great opportunities for the integration of mobile Internet industry end users and we store the line, and even can be said that the store and the successful integration of the mobile Internet customers to PC Internet business caused great impact.

in the future, the store’s ultimate model, is to use the mobile Internet in the East, the store will gradually optimize the entity + Intelligence in one of the digital store".

we used to teach you the layout of the business model of the decoration layout, are the store version, and now it is necessary to optimize some of the store store decoration props, making it a digital store".

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