An analysis of the advantages of Paz Kuqi talian coffee

coffee is a popular exotic for Chinese, to meet the tastes of the public, can enhance the anti fatigue. Leisure time is an essential consumer goods. Many brands of coffee, a single on the area for the purpose of coffee, coffee and coffee.

CAFFE PASCUCCI (Paz Kuqi) is the representative of Italian coffee. Brand history can be traced back to 1883. CAFFE PASCUCCI (Paz Kuqi) adhere to the "quality of the classic glory family mission, from the headquarters of Mongolia and Thailand CAFFE PASCUCCI headquarters Okuuchi Chiellini (Italian MontemaggiorealMetauro) the Italian Cafe opened all over the world. CAFFE PASCUCCI (Paz Kuqi) has opened more than 500 stores in 28 countries, has opened in South Korea, the 350 stores, the brand of coffee beans export sales to the 53 countries. 2014, CAFFE PASCUCCI (Paz Kuqi) stores landed in Beijing.

join advantage:

1. brand advantage hundred years brand accumulation

hundred years of accumulation, the achievement of the world’s most famous brand of coffee market, the global store over 10000, only South Korea chain stores up to 350.

2. technology advantages start with the world synchronization

the world’s first true sense of the cafe from Caffe Pascucci, to create an era of technology, starting with the world synchronized


3. resource advantages of the whole industry chain advanced customization

to intelligent management of resources, to provide the best equipment and the best coffee beans! The whole industry chain advanced customization, for you to come.

4. service advantages of a full range of services

to complete a full range of services smile, better coffee with a higher level of service, so that consumers feel unprecedented!

5. market has great potential

to Instant Coffee, roasted coffee consumption market ushered in the most dazzling light. Giant awakened by China – coffee market!

6. scale advantages of the unique scale system

huge and unique scale system achievements you are concerned about, creating unparalleled brand image, operating cost advantage.

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