How to Manicure shop to take a good name

The success of the

shop, operators need to do a good job will have a lot of, among them, to name your Manicure store is the first step to success, interesting to remember name will give customers a good impression. Not only to focus on skills and good service Manicure shop, also should let their names have certain connotation and publicity, in order to achieve the name already, an amazing goal.

Manicure shop named

1, easy to understand

Manicure shop name should not be too complicated for some words, try not to use. Manicure name should not boast the best, practical, easy to read and understand.

2, with fewer words, Manicure

Manicure name

too many words, is not willing to remember the guest, so try to choose fewer words, and to see that person is a Manicure shop, shop Manicure can reflect the operating characteristics, or allow consumers to easily identify and produce the desire into the store.

3, has its own characteristics

a lot of Manicure shoppers often don’t care about the name of the link, just think a name is OK, the result is the same name and many other shops. So try to highlight their shop style, such as cute, funny than, and so on.

Manicure shop named


1, according to the name extension

many shopkeepers would choose this way to name your Manicure store, have some memorable way, but also more representative!

2, Chinese and English

when you don’t know how to take the time Manicure shop name, try a English ~ of course can also be combined in English! But remember to be as simple as possible, and if it’s too complicated for everyone to understand, it’s embarrassing…

3, as far as possible, "beauty, fashion, fashion" related

Chinese culture is broad and profound, the change is Chinese English by the There is nothing comparable to this about beauty and fashion, the vocabulary is very large, in order to make Manicure stores look more professional and distinctive name, played a bit of fun and give people a good impression!

4, not just "shop"

is not only the XXX Manicure store that can be named, museum, square, room, bar, line, station, agency, pavilion, room, hall, home, house >

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