Catch the 5 hot follow the trend of investment

the development of each industry, have their own rules, in line with the market in order to win more business opportunities. In the past year, although IPO continued closing, but China capital market is still bustling, mergers and acquisitions emerge in an endless stream, the concept of the Internet and mobile Internet hit…… In many projects of venture capital institutions squandering "for every possible investment.

2014 years, venture capital investment trends will be how to change the Chinese commercial news reporters yesterday interviewed the wind investment institutions, finishing the year or will appear in the top five investment trends.

IPO: a forecast to restart the  

IPO is substantive floodgates is naturally the most loved things for all investment institutions, 2014 analysis report from the Institute of investment, the IPO reform will continue to promote the approval system to a registration system transition is not an easy thing, the registration system is to improve the degree of marketization, still need to wait for the relevant legal confirmation. In addition, the delisting mechanism is also an important supporting measures for the reform of the IPO system, there is no delisting mechanism constraints, the full disclosure of information into the stock market, but also the lack of a long-term mechanism of self supervision. Therefore, to speed up the improvement of the exit mechanism, eliminate the requirements of listed companies, will be conducive to the reform of new shares.

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