Jingmen 580 million yuan double fund for innovation and entrepreneurship adds power

entrepreneurial preferential policies can not be enjoyed by anyone, only qualified entrepreneurs can enjoy. In 2016, 580 million yuan in Jingmen "double" fund for innovation and entrepreneurship adds power, the specific details of a look!

2 29, the Municipal Finance Bureau, innovative service bureau, municipal government financial affairs office jointly issued the "Jingmen entrepreneurial innovation guide fund management approach (Provisional)", aims to give full play to the guiding role of financial funds, to ensure the smooth progress of the work of the city’s "double".

"measures" clear, entrepreneurship and innovation to guide the Fund (hereinafter referred to as the "double" fund) is set up by the government and the market mode of operation, through cooperation with financial institutions to support the development of innovative enterprises, to guide financial capital into entrepreneurial innovation investment fund.

Science and technology,

in line with the industrial development strategy of Jingmen City, in line with industry cooperative bank credit policy; credit report of the people’s Bank fund applicant does not exist outstanding non-performing loan interest and bad credit records; the other third parties in all fund credit channels zhongliangxin records; not involved in usury, without buying futures and other high risk management behavior.

"measures", the college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship and other start-up fund applicants do not need to provide collateral, can equity and intellectual property collateral, loan support does not exceed the maximum amount of 1 million yuan, and in 2 years, according to the national finance loan fund recommended

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