Wufangzhai introduction project support

wufangzhai is a food store known to every family, not only in its international reputation is good, can give great support to join investment business, worth investors trust. Following a brief introduction to wufangzhai what kinds of projects are supported.

service support:

1, the headquarters to join the primary site, site investigation, help the analysis of advantages and disadvantages, guide the management countermeasures to avoid improper location for subsequent operations adversely affected.

2, headquarters on the basis of ensuring a unified image, to join the body to discuss customized drawings;

Provide first-class brand image for all

wufangzhai stores: a unified image of the store uniform; unified collection of advertising unified register system; design of the shop store, the unified management of special equipment unified the


management support:

1, headquarters free of charge to provide new staff training (operation, management, accounting system training) before the shop, and staff assessment, the standard can be post.

2, a senior steering patrol headquarters sent the whole business guidance, to the regional franchise in terms of price, quality, service, health and other aspects of the assessment from time to time, to help solve business problems, so that the chain stores have a sense of belonging.

3, a strong independent logistics supply system, in a timely manner within the agreed time delivery of goods in place, to ensure the fresh delivery of goods.

4 2010, wufangzhai devices support

standard stores

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