Neixiang rural Taobao project to attract young people to return home Entrepreneurship

now the social network business is a more popular vocabulary, especially some young people through the network of social entrepreneurship, more popular, now the development trend of e-commerce has spread to the vast rural areas.

, youth entrepreneurship, the Internet, this is the most frequently used words in the new normal entrepreneurial innovation mass; rural areas, agriculture, Taobao, in Neixiang, the Internet is facing the fields looking for business opportunities.

"Neixiang rural Taobao partner recruitment enrollment exceeded 4000 people, through the written examination, interview, etc, 120 officers entered the trial operation assessment stage, will ultimately determine the 50 as the first batch of rural Taobao project partner." Alibaba group rural Neixiang Taobao county head Hu Chenran said.

Deputy director of

"at home to open the shop, the cause of the family two no mistake, I must seize this rare opportunity." Enter the trial operation stage of the assessment of irrigation Zhang Zhen Yang Zhai Cun, Yang Haiying full of confidence.

with "Internet +" and "innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples" tide rise, home business tide ushered in the history of new opportunities. In the past, attracting young people to return home, the lack of a suitable carrier; now, the introduction of the Alibaba Taobao project in rural areas, young people are more willing to come back. Returning home entrepreneurs are keeping up with the new technological revolution, to create their own good life. Not only open shop, e-commerce extends the logistics, packaging, marketing planning industry chain can bring a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities. Young people to return home to start businesses, improve farmers’ awareness of the Internet +, from unknown to wait and see, understanding, participation, so that farmers on agricultural products, new thinking on agriculture, will greatly change the rural landscape.

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