Traps need to be careful

today everyone is looking for new business opportunities, to seek business opportunities at the same time, we should always be vigilant, eager for success is good, but not too quick, but more easily into the trap. The following traps need to be cautious.

Second, pay related costs should be timely for invoices. In general, the headquarters will be charged to join the four kinds of costs, namely the franchise fees, management fees, margin, payment, etc.. The so-called franchise fee, refers to the headquarters in front of the shop to help the franchisee to do the overall planning, education and training, brand licensing fees charged. Management fee is a continuous charge, may be charged on a monthly basis, may also be charged quarterly. As for the deposit, is the headquarters to ensure that the franchisees will actually perform the contract, and timely payment and other fees, in general after the expiration of the contract franchisee without default, the franchisor shall return. The franchisor shall pay all the fees to the franchisor in time, and shall make an invoice to the franchisor in time. Once the two sides dispute, this will be the main evidence that the franchisee has fulfilled the obligation of the contract. In reality, many of the franchisor franchisee only to a personal account, and the franchisee play money only to the franchisee a receipt and not to issue a formal invoice, receipt or not to the franchisee, once the two sides dispute, the franchisee is difficult to prove that they have as stipulated by the contract pay the money.

Third, the quality, price and delivery of the franchiser. In the franchise contract, the franchisor will require the franchisor must purchase from the franchisor, not private purchase. This is the franchisor to ensure that the unified management of its brand and the quality of service requirements, this is understandable, but this is often the franchisee and the franchise dispute the most part. Because franchisees often think that the supply price of the franchisor and the supply is not high, so they have to purchase. However, based on the consistency of the quality of the chain system, the franchisor has to ask the store to be unified with the franchisor, so the dispute will arise. The reasonable way is the franchisee to sign the franchise contract, which should require the franchisor delivery price shall not be higher than the market, or is higher than the market percentage is acceptable, and delivery logistics channels to make reasonable requirements, in order to avoid both parties because the supply price and >

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