What do need to open a bakery

open a delicious bakery, both delicious and concomitant, can make money. Is a very attractive small shop business projects. But do you know what documents are needed to open a bakery? Do not know if you come to learn.


Second, the facade ready, first go to the local administrative departments of industry and Commerce approved a name (organization code certificate is equivalent to the enterprise), is generally about 70-80 yuan (the place is not necessarily the same);

Third, the approved name, to apply for a business license in the administrative department for Industry and Commerce (the fee is not high, usually 40 yuan), at the same time to pay individual local association dues (usually a year to pay 96 yuan), while in charge of industry and Commerce approved you should pay the monthly management fee (usually a month 50 yuan);

fifth, run the business license after a month (the provisions of the tax law the business license is issued within 30 days) to the local tax authorities for tax registration, the first (the tax service hall staff to see the business license will be issued to you after you, and help you how to fill out the) fill in the "tax registration form" (table to paste a copy of your ID card), and then to the hall of the tax audit personnel, if there is no problem, they will give you print the tax registration certificate, the general fee is 40 yuan.

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