Three Gorges immigrants settled in Tongling entrepreneurial government support

there are a lot of entrepreneurs in our daily life, they may have no prominent background, they might not have higher education, but still by virtue of their proficiency in a particular line to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Recently, the reporter saw Jiang Yunzhen, she was carrying a bucket full of feed to pig feed in a pigsty. As she issued a "Hello – Hello – Hello" sound, a crowd of pigs immediately gathered…… Three Gorges immigrants settled in Tongling, entrepreneurial government support more, we look at the following.

42 year old Jiang Yunzhen, from Chongqing, Wushan, the Three Gorges immigrants. 12 years ago, her family in response to the call, together with more than 130 people, settled in Tianmen District of Tongling City Longshan Zhen Yi An, Long Yun, Zhu Village, the five peak of 4 administrative village settlements.

Longshan Village

Tianmen town is located in mountainous areas, known locally as "Huang Shan", Jiang Yunzhen is a pig farm here on the hillside. "To tell the truth, just over the unfamiliar, mind a blank, don’t know how to do later in life." Jiang Yunzhen told reporters that the original idea. "Thanks to the party and the government, for the construction of our new homes, divided the land, but also enjoy the policy subsidies, so that we have the protection of life." Jiang Yunzhen said, when their home is divided into more than 4 acres of land. She kept at home, her husband ran out of freight.

Jiang Yunzhen family life, although there is a basic guarantee, but she has been looking for entrepreneurial opportunities, look forward to further improve family living conditions.

"when I was in Wushan on the side edge farming Pig, pig has accumulated some experience, I think to do a pig farm." Jiang Yunzhen said that she was a neighbor of the new home of Tongling, Zhu Changbao is a well-known local butcher, very familiar with the pig market, and soon said she was willing to partner with Entrepreneurship pig. In 2010, two people hired bag "a mountain Huang", built a simple house, began the entrepreneurial path. When they farmed more than 50 pigs, the proceeds of several million. With the expansion of the scale of farming, they began to introduce the sow Farrow, by reducing the purchase cost of piglets. At the same time, they are planting trees, seasonal mountain chicken duck, pig in side dug a pond, formed in the mountains with stocking poultry, three-dimensional planting and breeding of pig manure and planting fish feeding mode. Currently, they are operating in the farm, the annual income of nearly one million yuan.

, the reporter also learned that in the interview with Jiang Yunzhen or Tianmen town, the town family planning association of caring planning objects of households. In order to help Jiang Yunzhen get rich as soon as possible, the town and village level two family planning staff often come to send the policy, send the information to send information and delivery service; often organize professional on-site technical guidance and organization, she participated in the new rural skills training to improve her entrepreneurial skills.

in the modern market, entrepreneurship has become a lot of people recommended

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