Sichuan underground treasure to provide more information for archaeological bronze

in Chengdu, because of the recent underground bronze treasure house and found a large number of ship coffin tombs, provides a reference to the archaeological work of the people, let the people and the history of the spring and Autumn period further. After nearly a year of archaeological exploration and excavation of cultural relics, the researchers discovered nearly 200 spring and Autumn period to the Warring States period tombs in the boat coffin dual Village large town of Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu City, in the thousands of pieces of cultural relics unearthed in bronze is particularly fine, called a "underground bronze treasure".

3 day, the reporter walked into the excavation site, see the two football fields of flat, dense distribution of the size of a rectangular earthen pit tomb pit, mostly from north to south, a small East, most of the tomb burial ship coffin. Most of the tombs are distributed in groups, and some two are in a group, some are in a group of three, and there are also a group of more than and 10. One of the biggest M154 tomb is located in the middle zone, dark heavy boat coffin lying on the two meter deep pit, can clearly see the coffin body together with the coffin cover is made of the whole ancient. Around the boat coffin is evenly with a thick layer of green paste mud for sealing.

according to the Chengdu Institute of cultural relics and Archaeology excavation team leader Wang Tianyou introduced, M154 pit 2.3 meters deep, the boat coffin is 6.1 meters long, 1 meters wide, the largest number of coffin unearthed artifacts, the highest level, can be described as the "king of the coffin tombs". Lacquer ware ornamentation features, the copper seal symbols and the 2000 Chengdu commercial street ship coffin tombs unearthed artifacts of similar characteristics very close. The boat coffin commercial street is considered to be the early Warring States of the ancient Shu tomb No. 154, so the owner of the tomb should be very noble.

graves rare in recent years

archaeological excavations began in March 2016, the local construction of a logistics park to carry out the routine archaeological exploration. Up to now, a total of 180 tombs were excavated, the scale is rare in recent years. Wang Tianyou told reporters that the tombs in span of 200 years, from the late spring and Autumn period to the Warring States period continues, there are a large number of bronze ware, pottery, lacquer ware, jade funerary objects unearthed. Among them, the number of the bronzes from as many as 540 pieces, well preserved, exquisite ornamentation, including weapons, containers, tools, accessories etc.. In addition, unearthed 8 seals, more than 40 pieces of exquisite shape, bright color lacquer wood, and more than 500 pieces of pottery. Rice, melon, peach and other crops were also found in some appliances.

in the underground mine of Chengdu bronzes, unearthed a large number of cultural relics, the people were impressed, since, with these precious cultural relics, provides an important reference for the research of the study of ancient Bashu culture and life history of funeral customs and the Warring States period between the princes blend.

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