What are the ways to enhance the popularity of new nternet cafes

although the network has entered the tens of thousands of households, computers have become almost every household electrical products necessary. However, the Internet bar still has its existence space, there is a very large market. However, perhaps it is precisely because of the prospects for the development of new Internet cafes began to open. But want to let the new Internet business is booming, it is necessary to enhance the popularity of natural. So, the new Internet cafes to enhance the popularity of the method?

, fully explore the publicity carrier, to help Internet reputation

has been in the business of Internet cafes, Internet users in the days and months multiplying in the form of a certain reputation, also seized a large number of fixed users. This increases the pressure on the newly opened Internet cafes, after all, the number of Internet users is basically unchanged. In order to make the users to the new Internet cafes open to the Internet, we have to let them know the existence of new Internet cafes, is the best means of propaganda, it can make the Internet reputation effect in the short term. Specific can be considered from the following aspects:

1, make full use of the role of the University, community bulletin board itself

is to provide information for everyone, and colleges and universities, the community bulletin board is unlimited popularity, Internet cafe owners can make full use of. When the Internet will be opened, where the first post opening announcement, will open the news and organized promotions to everyone, so that we obtain this information, it may make them to Internet cafes to play around to see, thought, because of this popularity also improved.

in the design of the announcement, if you can do some of the announcement chic, more attractive to some, then the effect will be better. For example, the color of the paper, the color of the text, with some pictures, these help to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

2, the use of tricycle, taxi mobile publicity

the biggest advantage of this kind of propaganda is its mobility, tricycles, taxis go where advertising will do. We can ask the advertising company to design some of the posters posted immediately, the size does not need too much, suitable for tricycle, taxi advertising position can be. The cost of a rectangular poster is less than $twenty, and the cost of a tricycle, a taxi, or a poster for publicity is lower, and a pack of cigarettes or two bottles of coke can be negotiated. For tricycles, taxis, they do not need any additional expenditure, and if the posters do well, but also to attract the attention of passengers.

there is a kind of mobile advertising is to do a few big billboards directly around the tricycle around, no matter which side can see posters. And then put it in a lively place, such as: the entrance of the park, the intersection of college students, such as school. The ad is not moving, but

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