The introduction of chicken

rising wind and scudding clouds, the world will have the sudden change situation happened, what happened? The original is the situation turned out together. Catering industry is about to usher in a new trend, you do not hurry to see.

Fengyun poly is a major market to join the brand chicken, the majority of food and beverage investors to bring more investment opportunities to join, then what is the brand of chicken market, a look at it!

development trend of wind and cloud poly:

prospect, the China develops very fast, the pace of life is very fast, how to choose a simple and fast food brands in the noisy city, the market situation in Chinese poly two local chicken chicken market to do good, that is the Xinjiang market chicken and Ningxia chicken stew, chicken market in Xinjiang dry, it is less to eat noodles soup, do not drink liqueur, fairly good, also is the Ningxia chicken market, it has the advantage of soup will be a little more, which will carry the Ningxia special potato flour, potato powder is characteristic of strength, entrance mouth feel is quite good, we together chicken market situation take two long, after 15 years of continuous exploration and improvement, using 28 kinds of precious Chinese medicine perfume Peru, consumers eat after feeling is oil and not greasy, spicy but not dry, herbal ingredients inside the unique body is good Body health. We also determined to put the market situation of poly chicken chicken stew made of a Chinese fast food brand agent, determined to raise chicken market in a grade, but consumer prices still can be accepted by the public level, let the consumer feel is to spend money do not enjoy the same level of consumption.


there are a lot of people say that the market of chicken in the market now is saturated, but you know, there is no competition will not develop, does not develop with the fear into which, we are put to the market situation of poly chicken a higher level of development, the future will have more product launches, so we choose the poly is equivalent to choose a development of the hard truth, only progress, not time! All the delicious food, a situation, what are you waiting for, come and join us together this family!

current market situation: how

US poly chicken market is through continuous practice and innovation of 15 years before the development of over, in 2011 May formally incorporated the poly brand, along the way, the development is very good, the consumer is still very recognized us poly this brand, including the regional situation we join, poly Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi Liaoning, Jilin, several northern regions.

we are determined to make the brand image of the image of the masses, as a mass consumption of the ideal food and beverage brands, with the public to enjoy the same treatment of consumer prices. The world is delicious

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