Chengdu Metro a innovation theme train No 26 officially run

wants to encourage people to participate in entrepreneurship, creating an environment conducive to innovation is very important. To stimulate the enthusiasm of youth entrepreneurship, to create "a" Chengdu League innovation theme train, entrepreneurship promotion by public transport.

thoroughly implement the "entrepreneurial Tianfu" action plan, mobilize the majority of the city’s leading young people to actively participate the public venture, the highly innovative upsurge, the Communist Youth League of Chengdu Metro Line 4 to run as an opportunity, combined with Chengdu subway limited liability company together to create "a number" Chengdu subway train theme innovation, vigorously promote the innovation of entrepreneurial culture actively create a good atmosphere, everyone involved in the business, everyone support innovation.

On the morning of

26, the theme of "youth hit off   carrying dreams go" and "green" theme train release ceremony in the Metro Line 4 station of Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo, held, marking the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship as the theme of "green" theme trains. In the activity, Chengdu Youth Business Park, Chengdu business school, such as incubators of new innovation and entrepreneurship platform, Chengdu youth hit off representative in the field results show, and become the first to take "a" the theme of the train passengers.

Chengdu is full of

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