Hubei has several development zones identified as the transformation and upgrading of the demonstrat

With the continuous development of

economy and the continuous innovation of science and technology, there are many traditional enterprises can not adapt to the trend of the development of the times. However, a number of high-quality enterprises to actively carry out the transformation, access to a better development. So, what are the development zones in Hubei identified as the transformation and upgrading of the development zone?

reporter yesterday from the NDRC website was informed that the national development and Reform Commission of all submitted national economic zone to create the Yangtze River Development Zone upgrade demonstration programs were reviewed, agreed to Suzhou 33 Industrial Park Development Zone Development Zone for the transformation and upgrading demonstration set. Among them, Hubei Xishui Economic Development Zone, Yichang hi tech Industrial Development Zone, Jingzhou economic and Technological Development Zone are listed in the list.

national demonstration zone of transformation and upgrading of the Yangtze River economic belt, will lead the industry to upgrade and collaboration of the Yangtze River economic belt, and promote industrial transfer and the rational flow of factors of production between and optimize the regional allocation, promote economic quality and efficiency upgrades. The goal is after 3 to 5 years of hard work, significantly enhance the demonstration zone development scale, construction level, the park features, main body status, increasing demonstration leading and radiating effect, significantly enhance the participation of international division of labor and international influence, the transformation and upgrading of walking in the forefront of the National Development zone.

The main task of

is to undertake international industrial transfer, promote the development of open economy; undertake international and coastal industrial transfer, promote regional coordinated development; producing interactive city guide industry and city synchronous fusion development; low carbon emission, green construction development demonstration zone; innovation drive, leading the construction of science and Technology Development Zone; system innovation the construction of investment environment demonstration zone.

development and Reform Commission, the Yangtze River Economic Belt provinces (municipalities) development and Reform Commission in accordance with the "Yangtze River National Economic Zone Upgrade Demonstration Zone construction requirements", strengthen the transformation and upgrading of Construction Demonstration Zone, to insist on ecological priority, change the mode of development, a new system oriented, promote the transformation and upgrading of demonstration development in the area of green development, innovation driven development, industrial upgrading, open cooperation, deepen the reform and exploration of all experience and achieve practical results. For the transformation and upgrading of the new situation and new problems in the development process of the demonstration zone, to promptly report to the national development and reform commission.

The national development and Reform Commission

will follow the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategic deployment, coordinated development zone construction demonstration of transformation and upgrading, Upgrade Demonstration Zone to implement dynamic management, Upgrade Demonstration Zone copy summary of typical experience and practice transformation and promotion, support and guidance, from the planning reform, special arrangements, and comprehensively promote the construction of the development and demonstration zone upgrade.

The development of

, the economic situation, follow the footsteps of the times continue to advance. 3 development zones in the Hubei province is the recommended results

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