nternational energy change forum held in Suzhou

the second International Forum on energy reform was successfully carried out in Suzhou. In this forum, several hot issues were discussed. For the majority of experts and scholars inside and outside the forum and the community, the introduction of China’s first report on the construction of a model for the development of international energy reform report, solicit opinions and suggestions from all sides.

the meeting was co sponsored by the Suzhou Municipal People’s government and the State Grid Jiangsu electric power company, the State Grid Energy Research Institute to provide intellectual support. At the meeting, the mayor of Suzhou Municipal People’s government, the mayor of the State Grid, Jiangsu electric power company Yin, general manager of the full expression of the strong desire and determination to work together to build a model for the development of international energy reform.

Wu Qingwen, vice mayor of Suzhou Municipal People’s government, President of the State Grid Energy Research Institute of Suzhou, vice president of the specific description of the construction of the international energy transformation and development of the city’s strategic vision and vision of action in the construction of.

Chinese CASS Institute of quantitative and technical economics researcher Li Ping, director of the national climate change strategy research and international cooperation center researcher Li Junfeng, director of the center for Information Technology Research Institute, vice president of Tsinghua University professor Cao Junwei, Vice Chancellor of the Hohai University professor Chen Xing Ying, Suzhou University of science and Technology Professor Li Xin, Chinese international economic and technical cooperation association energy investment committee solution tree river, national Power Grid Corp technology expert Sheng Yan attended the meeting.

The second session of the

International Forum on energy reform, to bring more awareness. The report analyzes the economic, social, energy, cultural foundation and conditions for the construction of Suzhou international energy development model of the city have, described Suzhou as a typical sample Chinese scenario is typical, leading and demonstration.

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