Do a good job to pay attention to four points

for the farmhouse, now people are not unfamiliar, some people are still a regular farmhouse. However, although this market is indeed there is a great demand in the market, it also has a lot of entrepreneurs, however, the entire market chaos, want to open a farmhouse, nature also face more problems. Here, Xiao Bian stressed that if you want to do a good farmhouse, but also need to pay attention to four points.

2009 the occasion of national day, the reporter visited a number of star farmhouse Resort Villa, though it was October 5th, but the farmhouse guests still more, the reporter interviewed the boss Trinidad resort, apparently no mo boss this year in his time, we see that the spirit of the last year.

in the interview, the reporter learned that this year’s farmhouse business situation did not last, no 51 hot, this year may be the business crisis, is one of the key reasons restricting a farmhouse Business Flourishes, but through in-depth understanding of all aspects of some farmhouse business last year, business is good indeed inverse phase some, is also why farmhouse appear so different?

first, a serious shortage of management talent!

a farmhouse resort to good business brand, with good products, if there is no market is a problem, but if the business is done, do not have a good quality of management personnel is also a kind of problem, some statistics farmhouse, is some building boss. The cultural quality is not very high, which is a kind of entrepreneurship, the farmhouse make up, do not understand the operation and management, is difficult to offend guests, guests, guests a little unfriendly.

example: a guest today site, to the later, the reception service, and no one to pour tea, send smoke some courtesy action, let guests have a strange feeling, so that the guests have a feeling of insecurity, so that guests will visit the site to see nine out of ten, and to the other in fact, many of the farmhouse, farmhouse is really not up scale and project activities, this is not the main factor.

if a talent is not good in a place of business work, service in place, and to understand the interpersonal relationship, can not do business together is a very difficult thing, the reporter visited the qianlonghu financial manager Tan, heard that we come, specially arranged for staff in the reception, also invited us to eat and drink the entire process, we seem to enjoy the taste of a foreign guests came to visit the.

feels there is a feeling of home, do not feel very comfortable, if that is the team site, let the guests feel that if this can not keep the guests, it is strange. So, for some young just to the business owner, you must remember, < >

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