Xining social assistance funds up to 550 million of the basic livelihood of vulnerable groups to pro

December 1st, good news, from the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau of Xining City, as of now, to protect the livelihood of the full implementation of all policies and measures, for the central and local government social assistance funds reached 550 million yuan, the Xining urban and rural disadvantaged groups, special groups such as basic life and medical care, housing, education, heating and so on. The security and ease.

according to the staff of the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, in recent years, the Xining municipal civil affairs work has achieved remarkable results in guaranteeing the basic livelihood of the people, promote grassroots democracy, improve welfare services, strengthen social management, and gradually formed a network of social assistance system, policy assistance, financial assistance, real aid service assistance as the main content "four in one", which have benefited from the government at all levels of the working capital investment. In the rescue network system, low income households, "three noes" of the object and focus groups and other groups to receive monthly government subsidies. A new system of special medical security under construction, has also taken the insured, subsidies and preferential treatment of "three combination" approach, to further improve the medical system entitled groups, implementation of special medical fee settlement "one-stop" service. Pension, Xining city will meet the conditions of the people are all included in the five guarantees, the adjustment of rural five objects to support the standard, the living standard of not less than the average living standards of rural residents. In addition, Xining city also increased the poor families of re sick and disabled personnel, elderly and children and the lack of the ability to work in the family, zero employment families, single parent families and other allowances, and actively coordinate the implementation of guaranteeing and promoting employment linkage mechanism, realize the employment and re employment to help alleviate the minimum living object, can not enter the situation.


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