The province launched the charity law and the implementation of the first China Charity Day series o

9 1 days, the People’s Republic of China charity law was formally implemented in September 5th will usher in the first Chinese charity day". In order to study and publicize the implementation of "charity law", the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Department of justice, radio, film and Television Bureau, the provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, Provincial Federation of the disabled and other six departments jointly issued a document, in the province to carry out special series of promotional activities. This reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department in August 30th to implement the charity law news briefing.

in March 16th this year, the four meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress passed the "People’s Republic of China charity law", which is China’s first charity foundation, comprehensive law, provides a broad space for the development of charity, will lead, regulate and promote the development of charity, is the history of milepost of charity development in China. Is an important symbol of modern philanthropy formation. "Charity law" the main contents include the charity law adjustment range, the charity organization guidance and charity donations and charitable donations, charitable trust, charitable services, property, regulate the charity charity development promotion measures, supervision and management.

it is understood that the province’s thematic series of promotional activities for August 31st to September 10th. During the period of the village and community to carry out the four activities: hang a banner, a poster, visited a poor households, to organize a volunteer service activities. The organization’s first Chinese Charity Day large-scale promotional activities, on September 5th, led by the Department of civil affairs, publicity, justice, sports broadcasting, federations and other departments units involved in the organization, state and county within the scope of large-scale publicity activities. To carry out promotional activities, make full use of radio, television, newspapers, Internet and other media, important and widely publicized charity law essence of the first "China Charity Day" propaganda, our province has charitable organization representative and typical case. Carry out charitable activities. All localities and departments should organize the area unit of social organization focus on the precise poverty poverty alleviation, carry out the object of relief, supporting the old, sick, disabled, save the orphans, the special care and other charitable activities. Actively mobilize volunteers to help the sick and elderly, focus groups, carry out precise poverty charitable donations, charitable service activities such as poor etc.. Through the invitation of experts and scholars, charity professionals to carry out knowledge seminars.


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