The measures for the post evaluation of the regulations of the Xining municipal government shall be

In recent years, Xining has issued a series of government regulations and normative documents, which has played an important role in Xining’s economic and social development. In September 11th, the reporter learned from the Legislative Affairs Office of Xining City, to objectively predict and summarize the legislative work of the government and the experience of gains and losses, better for the government regulations and normative documents of the "legislation, change, waste and provide a scientific basis for decision-making," Xining municipal government regulations legislative evaluation procedures "(hereinafter referred to as the" measures ") will come into force on October 1st.

as of August this year, Xining has developed a total of 124 government regulations. After the clean-up, the current effective government regulations a total of 81, the scope of its adjustment covers a wide range of economic and social fields, the system has been basically established and improved. The legislative work in the future, Xining will continue to improve the system in addition to the relevant administrative regulations, will also pay attention to the legislative "look back", through legislation and regulations after the assessment, the current effective modifications, to the requirements of the new situation and the economic and social development of Xining city under the appropriate, to better maintain social harmony and stability improve people’s livelihood and well-being index, to provide legal protection. It is especially important to establish a government regulation that accords with the actual situation of Xining’s legislation and to establish and improve the scientific evaluation system.

"Xining municipal government rules and regulations after the assessment method," a total of 21, mainly on the government regulations after the main body of the assessment of the subject, object, standards, procedures, the effectiveness of the assessment report made clear. The "measures" provisions of the six kinds of circumstances, should carry out legislation and regulations after the assessment that has been implemented for over 3 years, for major revisions, intends to rise to local regulations, put forward many opinions and suggestions of deputies motion, CPPCC proposals, administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation reflects the more views some problems and suggestions or the public, the news media, the Municipal People’s government that the needs assessment. (author: Wu Yachun)

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