Win the fight against poverty forum held in Qinghai

to further implement the general secretary Xi Jinping at the twelve National People’s Congress of the four session of the Qinghai delegation to the "promotion of poverty alleviation" spirit of the important instructions, to further accelerate the pace of implementation of the overall poverty ahead of Qinghai. In June 21st, the province held a government led, together to win the battle of Qinghai out of poverty alleviation "as the theme of the forum.

forum, vice director of the international poverty reduction center China Huang Chengwei, Huazhong Normal University of poverty reduction and Development Research Institute of Social Sciences, Professor, doctoral tutor Lu Hanwen, national poverty area cadre training center Lanzhou branch president Kang Jianwen, provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau Ma Fengsheng four guests were around, and resolutely implement the central decision-making arrangements, to promote poverty alleviation the crucial, accurate poverty some hot and difficult issues "," Gansu province poverty alleviation practice and exploration "," to push forward the poverty alleviation program as a guide, a concerted effort to win the battle of poverty "theme made a wonderful speech.

the Forum on "government led, work together to win the battle of Qinghai out of poverty" theme, in-depth discussion on how to accelerate our province of poverty alleviation work under the new situation of poverty alleviation, share experience, consistent with the actual situation of Qinghai road to tackle poverty. The success of the forum is to further inspire the poverty alleviation work ideas, exchange and sharing of the poverty alleviation work experience, strengthened my province to implement the central and provincial government decision to deploy, realize the overall poverty confidence and determination in advance.


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