Xining will speed up the construction of urban public transport

reporter in February 10th from the city’s transport work meeting was informed that last year the city’s efforts to promote transit city to create work based on this year, the city will vigorously promote transit city to create, in order to solve the city traffic congestion problem.
it is reported that the bus priority is to establish a service to protect the people’s livelihood development, last year the city transportation department and the Department of planning and coordination, the initial completion of the planning of bus station; declare the success of the provincial science and Technology Department Project "plateau Central City Intelligent Transportation system, and 30 new buses, the purchase of 20 new units of pure electric buses, optimization of bus route 46, new bus lines 10, with the city center to cancel the repeated bus line 3, to complete the transformation of urban and rural passenger bus line 46, accounting for creating target of 80%. This year, the transport sector will also continue to promote the bus station construction, the construction of city comprehensive passenger transport hub, the transformation of the train station, the Lake District, Bridge Street 11 bus parking lot; route optimization by more than 40, the opening of the new bus lines more than 10 batches; the planning and construction of 48 km of bus lanes; update, add 256 buses, bus lines to ensure the capacity to meet the demand, alleviate the lead due to lack of capacity of the public bus problem.
in addition, the meeting also decided according to the municipal government in recognition of the 2014 annual outstanding contribution in the transportation work in 12 advanced collectives and 14 advanced individuals and 20 bus (taxi driver) civilization ten.


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