The electric car challenge stage 981 4 kilometers

third Qinghai Lake (International) electric car challenge will be held from June 20th to 22. The total length of 981.4 kilometers around the stage of the tournament, at an altitude of 2000 meters – 4120 meters, 45% Hill Road, cold, rain and snow, elevation and other natural conditions of stage, will be a severe test of electric vehicle performance.

this challenge has the best endurance, the best fast charging capacity, the best power saving capability, the best climbing ability and more than ten professional awards, as well as a number of organizing committee ad hoc awards.

it is understood that the entire 981.4 km stage, Xining for the event, end point, 77 km, 122.5 km to the stage of a station, a total of 12 stages, set up 8 charging stations, 6 transfer point. The team will be on June 20th departure from Xining, route nullah beach, Fort Mindanao, Menyuan, Qilian, winter tree hill, the old village, pass on the root Atomic City, Erlang sword, bird island, Gangcha, on the evening of 22 held in Xining back to the closed car ceremony, awards ceremony.

tournament difficulty is reflected in the three characteristics of the single stage of long distance, high elevation and steep slope. The 12 stage of events, the steep slope reached 8 degrees. In addition, there are 4 single stage over a distance of 100 km, of which the old village on the root – Atomic City stage, is 122.5 km long, all electric vehicle competition will experience a severe comprehensive test.


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