Our province to promote cultural relics protection project

11 18, the province’s cultural relics protection project will be held in Huangzhong. The meeting summed up the first three quarters of this year, cultural relics project, announced this year of cultural relics protection project declaration, implementation, deployment of the 2017 project application, project management and for a period of cultural relics project work.


13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau focus on grasping project efforts and achievements. This year, the Ministry of Finance issued 248 million yuan of special funds for cultural relics protection, accounting for the national key cultural relics protection of the special grant funds of $4.5%. This year, the province issued a total of 20 million yuan provincial cultural relics protection grants. In addition, the provincial cultural relics authority this year actively seek provincial finance other special funds for cultural relics protection project investment. Provincial Department of Finance issued 3 million yuan for the provincial cultural relics protection planning and protection of the project planning. Pay attention to the legal system construction, according to the law to carry out the work, so that the administrative examination and approval procedures legal compliance. Implementation and supervision of heritage conservation projects go hand in hand, in strict accordance with the relevant measures to implement, has gradually institutionalized, standardized development track. Qinghai Province, the first national cultural relics census work orderly, the progress of our province census and the national synchronized; archaeological work orderly, smooth progress of Lajia National Archaeological Park construction; the museum is open free and service levels improved significantly. The next step, will vigorously promote the project, to enhance the level and quality of cultural relics protection; continue to strengthen the work of cultural relics, pay close attention to cultural relics "four" work; actively carry out the "Silk Road inscription list development etc..


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