Our province to increase health poverty alleviation efforts

reporter from the Provincial Health Planning Commission and the work plan for health and poverty alleviation poverty alleviation bureau held a collaborative advance meeting was informed that the province will be the precise poverty endemic disease, infectious disease, plateau disease and chronic disease of these four disease patients, to further increase the health and poverty alleviation efforts.

it is understood that the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission filed in pastoral areas of poverty due to illness due to illness before the investigation has ended, was investigated in a population of 131815, the number of patients confirmed 35732 people. Among them, hydatid disease (endemic), tuberculosis, hepatitis B (infectious diseases), cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis (altitude sickness), diabetes, high blood pressure (chronic disease) patients are. In order to make the agricultural and pastoral areas of poverty "seek care, see a good disease, see the disease, less illness", our province will be in accordance with the condition is irreversible, one-time relief and other types of classified treatment to poor patients with serious illness.


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