Military enterprises build a model village 20 Huangzhong village 19 thousand people will benefit

March 15th, 2013 "Huangzhong county government enterprises build a model village campaign officially launched. This year’s event included a Li Shan Zhen Gang Cha Ji Jia Cun 20 villages, involving 4988 households, benefiting a population of 19 thousand people.

it is understood that last year Huangzhong County, a total investment of 478 million yuan, in the Kumbum Monastery, South moon mountain area surrounding the and 109, 315 national highway, west along the highway 5 towns and 35 villages to carry out "military enterprises build a model village" activities, to build the village infrastructure greatly improved, village appearance effective remediation, village the living environment is optimized further, the building of grassroots organizations significantly strengthened, more than 4.5 people benefit.

this year, the Huangzhong county Party committee and government attaches great importance to building projects, but also to build a strong support unit. County Finance has been identified as 30 million yuan prize funds for activities, and according to the standard of $500 thousand per village to allocate funds to build a joint venture to start the activities of $10 million, and the implementation of the project to help the construction of a total of 2 million 126 thousand units and a total of $13. At the same time, the reconstruction of rural housing construction, poverty alleviation, reward the whole village, the village green, drinking water, rural environmental remediation and other agricultural projects focus tilt to build the village, the village construction project integration to meet the basic needs of. Currently, the civil affairs, housing construction, transportation and other agricultural projects initially integrated into 5 categories of 243, the integration of funds of $248 million. The reporter also learned that the construction of village people consciously investment activities to build enthusiasm is very high, and the village has been set up environmental remediation system, according to the household division of regional health, strictly implement the three bags in front of the system, give full play to the village two committees team members and Party members, old people, led the villagers consciously put labor investment, clean up the road on both sides of firewood, dunghill, garbage removal, farmers and walls on both sides of the road Quanshe toilet. At present, the wall has been removed 3500 square meters, house renovation 73, housing more than 270 toilets. (author: David Li)

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