Huangzhong pollution shut down 36 small and medium enterprises

This year, Huangzhong air pollution comprehensive management work as a major measure of building a beautiful Huangzhong, the real thing, strict management, to ensure that the quality of the environment improved significantly. Accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure, and strictly control the "two high and one low" industry access, transformation and upgrading of production capacity and backward technology, serious pollution of the enterprise; strengthen environmental inspection and enforcement inspections, mixing station rectification focus on commercial concrete, on the regulation of key enterprises in Qinghai Qilian Mountains India Cements Limited, DOPA welfare special alloy Co. Ltd. Xu two steel factory, Mining Development Co., ltd.. Up to now, the county’s 162 small and medium production and processing enterprises have banned the closure of the 36, the completion of the rectification of the 77, the 49 in the remediation; the county’s 7 commercial enterprises are in the specification. Further straighten out the coal heap place, the county’s original coal site 116, up to now, has banned 86, the size of the existing coal heap place 30. Coal to gas, has identified 31 Units of transformation, and the implementation of the corresponding rectification funds. Increase the catering unit coal smoke remediation efforts, check the county and DOPA town 34 catering units, the use of bio oil or gas stove has 4, both the exhaust hood installation (cylinder) and the fan, lampblack basically meets the requirements; the use of coal has 30, both for fan and exhaust hood the installation of chimney construction, standard  

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