Han Jianhua in the upcoming Eid al Fitr visit condolences to Muslim representatives

6 month 27 days, in the Muslim masses traditional festival Eid is approaching, the provincial Party committee, Minister of the United Front Work Department, Dan, vice governor Han Jianhua on behalf of the provincial government, to Xining City, Dongguan mosque and Muslim representatives home condolences to the Muslim masses, extend festive greetings and good wishes.

in Dongguan mosque, Dan Branch, Han Jianhua visit condolences to the people to manage will team members and had a cordial conversation. Dan Ke said, in recent years, Dongguan mosque has done a lot of work in promoting economic and social development, maintaining national unity, guide religions to adapt to socialist society. I hope the temple and mosque of Islam in accordance with the General Secretary Xi "three solid" requirements, thoroughly implement the Central Ethnic Work Conference and the national religious work conference, and carry out activities to create national unity and progress, as in the past to inherit and carry forward the tradition of patriotism, the voice of the party and the government to transfer the majority of Muslims, to become the national model unity. Han Jianhua hope that the majority of Muslims can firmly implement the national religious policy, to promote the rapid development of the national cause, unite, work together, condensing power for Qinghai’s economic and social development.

Once the

department, Han Jianhua also visited the vice chairman of the provincial CPPCC provincial, condolences to Islamic Association President Ma Changqing, Han Xingwang Ye Fucai, non-public economy representatives, the Ma Qing family, they made a positive contribution to the economic development and social stability in Qinghai thanks, I hope they continue to make greater contributions to the construction of new Qinghai.


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