15 coal fired sites will be coal to gas

At the beginning of the new year

, Chengdong District Environmental Protection Bureau in the process of lawangshi coal-fired boiler, the 15 places a total of 13 units, 8.65 coal-fired boiler steam tons still use the old district and the business units into the rectification plan, at present is to urge the relevant units as soon as possible and submitted to the relevant aspects of the coal gas and the application formalities.
in the region to create another hearing for the burning of garbage, you and me everybody "guardian of a strong atmosphere of blue sky, the" how do "recently combined with comprehensive air pollution control work, organize the region’s 29 member units of the" year "with" burning of garbage, also my blue sky "as the theme the" year "campaign in Hehuang area to carry out light. The event set up a total of 33 panels, issued the "ozone layer protection encyclopedia", "Declaration of war on pollution" and "ban on incineration of garbage" and other promotional materials more than 1000 copies. Through publicity, enhance the environmental awareness of the masses of the area, the sense of responsibility.

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