14 children with congenital heart disease were treated free of charge

This year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Red Cross Foundation of the county in 0 to 14 years old children with congenital heart disease screening registration, has two groups of 14 in line with the "sunshine angel children save heart" activities the conditions of poor congenital heart disease receiving free treatment to Beijing. Currently, the 14 children have returned home. Due to geographical reasons, alpine hypoxia, the natural environment, the incidence of congenital heart disease is higher than the national average. This year’s "sunshine angel heart" activities organized medical experts into the province around the screening registration, among them, 14 children in Datong County Township, North Tibetan Shuo Xie Gou Xiang and other 10 towns poor families to receive free medical treatment in Beijing, the youngest only 1 years old. After treatment, these children have returned home. Datong County by the treatment of children with parents have said that their children can get free medical treatment, the community who love money, together with everyone’s love, as parents have a heart of Thanksgiving, education children return to society.  

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