Comprehensive investigation of the province to ensure that residents warm winter

to protect the residents of the normal heating in winter, recently, the provincial housing and urban construction department issued "on the 2016-2017 annual urban heating heating work notice", adopted a number of measures to do a solid job in winter heating preparations.

it is understood that in order to do a good job of heating security work, the Department in charge of urban heating power at all levels of the organization within the jurisdiction of the heating security work to conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis, especially the influence of this time heating project, increase coordination of efforts to accelerate the construction progress, ensure the completion of. In key areas, focusing on the user and the heating pipe network, to carry out security risk investigation, the establishment of security risk remediation ledger, the responsibility to people, limited rectification, to ensure that heating. Supervision of the central heating unit to do the maintenance work of heating facilities, to ensure the heating period before the heating facilities maintenance and good condition rate reached 100%, especially the use of pressure heating facilities to the professional inspection department inspection qualified rear. The central heating, gas supply unit to advance the development and improvement of heating gas, coal supply emergency plan, emergency repair and rescue duty of a heating system, the appointment of personnel to conduct job training and safety education, improve emergency response capabilities, to ensure the safe and orderly heating in winter.

at the same time, heating management departments at all levels to strengthen the supervision of the quality of heating services, timely grasp of heating operation and user heating. The quality of heating services can not meet the requirements of the user, to urge the rectification. Heating period, the heating units to strictly enforce the provisions of heating temperature, to ensure that the indoor temperature reached the national standard. The full implementation of standardized services, strict implementation of the publicity system and heating service commitment system, open the heating time, service standards and supervision of telephone, unit name and the specific person in charge, timely solve the heating problems of user complaints, with high quality and efficient services to ensure the user heating quality standards, reduce the rate of customer complaints.

in addition, according to the actual situation of climate change, strengthen the gas and heating pipe network facilities maintenance supervision related enterprises, timely prevention and solution for large area and pipeline facilities damage due to the long time stop for the phenomenon. Actively coordinate with relevant departments to take effective measures to ensure the supply of heating fuel and reserves to ensure the normal operation of heating. Once the interruption due to extreme weather caused by gas and heat, to start the emergency plan the first time, reasonable arrangements to stop for the order of priority to ensure residents living with gas and heating, ensure normal production and people’s lives, to minimize the loss.


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