Korean Commodities Fair will debut in Xining textile department store

push the Korean Embassy in China and the government of Qinghai Province under the "2016 Chinese (Qinghai) – one of the South Korea Friendship Week series of activities of the" Korean commodity exhibition "will be unveiled at the Xining textile department store from June 16th to June 26th, will provide high-quality goods for consumers in our province in South korea.

this exhibition there will be more than and 30 South Korean companies to showcase their products, including cosmetics, household appliances, kitchen supplies, clothing, food and other 300 kinds of products, but also to prepare a safe, delicious Korean delicacy activity area, large scale and more abundant.

through the exhibition, exhibitors to Korean companies in our province and the South Korean consumers show high quality goods, consumers do not let me out of the province the door can feel the charm of Korean goods, experience Korean flavor, taste of Korean culture, at the same time, South Korea allows enterprises to better seek cooperation opportunities, promote the development of circulation industry in our province.

this exhibition will be held in Korea, to a certain extent, promote trade and economic exchanges between China and South korea. China and South Korea government will also make every effort to promote the development of friendly cooperation between China and South Korea through this event to promote the development of trade.


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