Bitter groove affects the heart of municipal leaders

Chengdong District kushuigou on both sides is full of houses, one side close to the side of the groove, stuck in the ditch, once the heavy rainfall weather, it is prone to geological disasters such as landslides and mudslides, there is a serious safety hazard. In order to completely eliminate this huge security risks, this year the city government is determined to raise nearly 100 million yuan of funds, the start of the geological disasters and environmental comprehensive treatment project. What is the current progress of the project? What issues need to be resolved? In November 29th, city accompanied by four team leaders Wang Yubo, Ma Haiying, Yang Baolin, Wang Ping, Zhang Ying, the person in charge of City District, East District, land, planning, real estate, garden, construction and other areas and departments, in-depth inspection in kushuigou area, comprehensive control project of Kushui ditch.

in inspected the kushuigou on both sides of resettlement housing situation, Wang Yubo line held on-site meetings, arrangements for the next phase of channel management, landscape greening comprehensive management project. Wang Yubo pointed out that the municipal Party committee, municipal government always concerned about the people’s life and property safety, Beishan rock kushuigou comprehensive management, comprehensive management, is a vivid manifestation of Party committees and governments at all levels to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice. Comprehensive management to solve the safety of the masses, to promote the people’s homes, improve the environment of the area. To continue in accordance with the "unified planning, zoning, break up the whole into parts" principle, unswervingly promote the follow-up treatment project. To improve the post flood control channel management, landscaping plan as soon as possible, to house demolition after the formation, follow up on both sides of the green channel management, work quickly, can make green green, to ensure that before the end of May next year to create a kushuigou channel landscape effect. To the spirit of being highly responsible to the people’s life and property safety attitude, in accordance with the law, and resolutely curb the strict control of the channel on both sides of the bottom of the slope, the root acts of illegal construction. To continue to increase the geological disasters, water conservancy projects and other special funds to fight efforts to consolidate and deepen the results of governance, fundamentally improve the poor and poor drainage ditch area environmental conditions.  

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