Comity Street office to carry out the Jian Wei day activities

In July 28th, the city of Xining City District Street office in the area of comity to carry out legal publicity, strengthen law enforcement, improve health quality, consolidate the "Wei Jian" results as the theme of the thirty-third "Jian Wei day".

the comity Street office closely around the theme, on the north side of the square in the center to carry out health education, food safety laws and regulations and promotional activities, in order to place panels 10, banners 2, distributing promotional materials and other forms of legal awareness and improve the ability to respond to public health emergencies of the general public. In carrying out promotional activities at the same time, street office cadres and workers, urban management unit staff and community workers, 130, 118, 112 comity street, No. 126, Lane 124, the new compound, the newspaper family hospital building, small Simon slope site on the area of environmental health were the focus of remediation of the area, at the same time, the green garden rubbish of disinfection disinfection drugs, a total of more than 80, indiscriminate posting more than 40, more than 10 rubbish dead. In the streets of focus on remediation activities at the same time by the district health office love led the District City Management Bureau, traffic police team, district health authority, District CDC of Xining hotels around the catering industry, "in front of three", vehicle Luantingluanfang problems were concentrated remediation activities. Through the construction of the work carried out for the residents of the area to create a comfortable living environment for the country to lay a good foundation for seizure.  

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