Creation has reached a critical juncture does not allow lax retreat

a city to keep a clear confidence

grim situation: a fierce urgency of arduous competition in 2014, except for a few of the 16 provincial and sub provincial civilized city to participate in the review, and including Xining, 13 provincial nomination and deputy provincial city to participate in the declaration. The selection of the national civilized city and provincial capital city evaluation standard is high, strictly control the number, at the same time, the central civilization office issued a dynamic management approach, the implementation of exit mechanism on the nomination and civilized city city, who is who, who who is, evaluation scale, ranking is based on. Situation two: time national civilized city three years of assessment, a three year end, according to the Fourth National Civilized City Award arrangement, I will declare a national civilized city in July 2014 this year, the province in July will do civilization inspection of our city, in August 2014 the central civilization office will be assessed in our city. In addition since last year, the central civilization office every year to the city public civilization index, ideological and moral construction of minors, volunteer service evaluation, that is to say, from this year the Central Civilization Office of the city second city civilized degree index less than half the time, from the final declaration of the national civilized city only a year half the time. Situation three: whether it is the arduous task of hardware construction, such as city infrastructure, various venues construction is lagging behind, and the construction of city environment, public order, traffic order and other software, we have a large gap, in a short period of time to pay close attention to the rectification. The goal to win the aim at will into a city near goal — one by one control standard evaluation system, the central civilization office every one by one control, one by one by one analysis, standards, to ensure that the work of creating leakage, ensure the project making available, all lose points, to achieve annual quiz to get good grades, and as soon as possible walk in the same city west. Create the ultimate goal of the city – in the declaration of the year to achieve the best results of the assessment, for the national civilized city index in the evaluation of the sub. Understanding of Party members and cadres ideological ambiguity from the current situation, some party members and cadres, including some leading cadres ideologically still exist some vague or even wrong understanding, to a certain extent, there are hot cold, cold outside the heat, heat and cold phenomenon department. The reason is summed up in three words: unclear understanding, be afraid of difficulty, waiting for the assault. A clear understanding of performance in Xining city in recent years has greatly changed, the rapid construction, foundation and create a green, Chuangwei work experience, simply that the city is clean, can through the evaluation and acceptance, the commentary on the national civilized city. Be afraid of difficulty in the face of a multitude of things, the task of creating a work;

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