A number of units and individuals in the transport sector was awarded the Qinghai provincial labor a

9 18, labor competition committee, the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the Provincial Department of transportation to emerge in the field of transportation construction of the 7 advanced individuals and Huashixia highway 14 advanced collectives were awarded Qinghai province labor award medal and the Qinghai plateau pioneer workers honorary title.


12th Five-Year" period, transportation construction industry in our province and the province of the construction unit to create the Qinghai plateau pioneer workers as the carrier, to unite and lead the workers to carry out the "work together to promote growth, make contributions for development" contest, complete the transportation investment in fixed assets of 110 billion 900 million yuan, compared with 11th Five-Year doubled. By the end of 2015, the province’s highway mileage of 75 thousand and 600 km. In 12th Five-Year, the province’s highway construction to achieve a historic breakthrough, the provincial trunk highway construction has achieved remarkable results, the level of accessibility of rural roads increased significantly. Passenger hub station, water shipping, local railways, technology and information service security function is effectively strengthened, highway and railway, waterway, civil aviation, postal and other transport modes to achieve effective convergence, the construction of an integrated transport system to further accelerate the pace of service and security, the province’s economic and social development and the ability to further enhance the level of.

according to the Provincial Department of transportation official, the next five years, the province plans to complete the transportation of fixed assets investment of $200 billion, more than the 12th Five-Year target is expected to double.


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