Since September 1st the province’s identity card inter provincial offsite pilot work started

8 month 31 days, the reporter was informed that the provincial public security department has been fully implemented in the Taiwanese population resident identity card acceptance on the basis of the work in different places in the province, from September 1, 2016, in the city of Xining to start a pilot part outside the provincial population identity card remote provinces acceptance work.

according to the provincial public security corps person in charge, the acceptance object is mainly the province Xining city of a legitimate and stable employment, education, living in Chongqing, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Anhui, Hainan, Liaoning, Jilin and other seven provinces (cities, districts) of foreign personnel, and has been for temporary registration formalities, to pilot units of public security organs for resident identity card business acceptance of remote provinces. Business scope is mainly resident identity card expires redemption, identity card, identity card for damage to the replacement of lost business.

pilot period, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau police station for the admissibility of 13 units. Are: Xining City, the East Branch of LINJIAYA Street police station police station, the city branch of the West Branch of comity, Xing Hai Lu Station, North Branch of Qilian Road police station, the police station north of the city branch three; Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Public Security Bureau of Changning police station, the police station bridge; Rushall Huangzhong County Public Security Bureau police station; Huangyuan County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station, Dahua police station Dongchuan Bureau of household, hall, hall, Gan Branch Bureau of household Nanchuan East police station. According to the progress of the pilot work, the Provincial Public Security Bureau, depending on the situation and then gradually increase the pilot units.

police said the applicant holding my ID card, residence booklet, Qinghai residence permit, driver’s license, social security card, student ID card and other valid documents, to the pilot units proposed off-site application. The pilot unit review proof material submitted by the applicant, the applicant’s identity information after the confirmation, the applicant’s photo collection acceptance platform login and fingerprint information, print the "identity card registration form" in different places, the Applicant Signature and fee charged. In compliance with the provisions of the public security police station on the spot to accept the application materials are incomplete, the public security police station to inform the masses need to fill materials.


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