Taking the price of drugs as a breakthrough to comprehensively push forward the comprehensive reform

for the comprehensive deepening of the provincial public hospital comprehensive reform, to further clarify the objectives and tasks of health care reform, establish and improve the new management mechanism, running the day before, our province issued the "implementation of the comprehensive reform of the provincial public hospital of Qinghai province". What is the specific content of the implementation plan, what impact on people’s lives?…… With these questions, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the provincial health reform office.

: what is the general requirement of the implementation plan?

answer: "the overall plan" requirement is to adhere to the medical, pharmaceutical, health care, three doctors linkage to cancel drug addition, get rid of the "yaobu" mechanism, establish a mechanism of compensation funds reasonably, adjusting the price of medical services, promote the reform of personnel distribution system, controlling the irrational increase of medical expenses, comprehensive promotion convenience Huimin measures as the focus, fully open the provincial public hospital comprehensive reform.

Q: provincial public hospital comprehensive reform will be implemented in the hospital?


will be at the provincial people’s Hospital, Affiliated Hospital of Qinghai University, Qinghai Red Cross Hospital, hospital, women and children hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, Tibetan Hospital, provincial cardiovascular disease hospital, the third people’s Hospital, the Fourth People’s Hospital, the Fifth People’s Hospital, provincial hospital, provincial hospital, provincial hospital, rehabilitation Qinghai welfare charity hospital, the 14 hospitals carry out a comprehensive reform, to achieve full coverage of provincial comprehensive reform of public hospitals.

: what is the main goal of this reform?

A: 2016, the full implementation of our province provincial comprehensive reform of public hospitals canceled drug addition, the implementation of zero profit sales, adjusting the price of medical services, and strive to establish a reasonable compensation mechanism, the unreasonable growth of medical expenses has been effectively controlled. 2017, will explore the establishment of a modern hospital management system and in accordance with the characteristics of the medical industry personnel salary system, straighten out the basic medical service price relations, deepen the reform of the medical insurance payment, expand the clinical path, to further promote the convenience Huimin measures, strengthen the key discipline construction, strengthening demonstration and radiation function, the ability to significantly enhance the medical service.

plans to 2020, fully completed the provincial comprehensive reform of public hospitals, the basic establishment of a modern hospital management system, the formation of a multi-level medical security system, construct a reasonable layout, collaborative medical service system and the new pattern of medical treatment.

Q: what is the main task of the provincial public hospital comprehensive reform?

answer: from May 1st onwards, our province 14 provincial public hospital comprehensive cancel drug (excluding Chinese herbal medicine) addition, the establishment of a public hospital medicine separate from the new operating mechanism, and perfect the compensation mechanism in the implementation of funds; (Tibet, Mongolia), hospital infectious disease, mental disease, occupation disease, maternity and children hospital investment policy. Adjusting the price of medical services, improve the diagnosis, surgery, nursing and other high-tech medical service price standard, reduce the price standard inspection and test items; to explore the establishment of price dynamic adjustment mechanism on the basis of cost, from August 1st this year, the uniform implementation of the "national;

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