Xining City non public economic party building work to form a four good situation

Xining city attaches great importance to the non-public sector of the party building work, through the establishment of a centralized, non-public economy party building work is the formation of the four one good situation.

in recent years, along with the city district public service center and the core business district to accelerate the pace of construction, the size of a large number of enterprises have settled in, so far, a total of more than 1500 private enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households more than 11000, employing nearly 60 thousand people. Party attaches great importance to the work of Party building in non-public economy, non-public economy in the process of the construction of the party organization, always adhere to the "mature one, the formation of a, consolidate, improve a" principle of strengthening the construction work, the scale of non-public enterprises as the focus, and formulate implementation opinions and programme of work of Party Construction in non public economy under the, strong implementation of Party building of non-public economic coverage. So far, a total of 74 non-public economic grassroots party branches, the scale of more than 21, a total of Party members and 324 people. By focusing on the formation of non-public economy in the Central Party building work is the formation of a good situation four. That is a unified leadership and concerted mechanisms to promote co management formed a specialized in non-public economy; Party building work cadre established; a group of creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness, and actively play a vanguard role of Party organizations in non-public economic basic level Party branch to take shape; an organizational trust, recognized by the masses, owners welcome, can reflect the advanced nature of Party members has grown, many private enterprises above the scale of management positions and key positions, significantly increased the proportion of Party members. In the light of the actual situation of the urban district, the author has formulated the relevant work of the Work Committee of the non-public economic organization of Xining Municipality (trial). Recently, the non-public economic organizations in the region working committee was formally established. (author: Kong Xiangrui)



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