Xining City Health Bureau held 2011 annual work summary and recognition of the general assembly


2012 in January 13th, the City Health Bureau held 2011 annual work summary and recognition of the general assembly. The main task of the conference is to thoroughly implement the Provincial Committee of the eleven plenary meeting of the eleven session of the Municipal Committee, thirteen session of the two plenary meeting and the national health work conference, a comprehensive summary of the work in 2011, 2012, the arrangements for the deployment of key tasks, strengthen confidence, the courage to play, and strive to improve the urban and rural public health happiness index.

Liu Haonian, Secretary of the Party committee of the Municipal Health Bureau of

, made a report on the work of "grasping the reform and promoting the development of the overall situation of benefiting the people and improving the health and happiness index of urban and rural residents". City Health Bureau belongs to the medical and health units leadership team members, City Health Bureau, the City Patriotic Sanitation, city medical center, a center part of the cadres and workers representatives attended the meeting.

Liu Liu at the meeting on the global system of health work in 2011 to do a review. He said that 2011 is the implementation of the "12th Five-Year" the first year of planning for the global system, is a year full of opportunities and challenges, but also for the vast number of cadres and workers sweat up to a year, is the health reform and development in a fruitful year. Last year, the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the Provincial Department of health, we adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, forge ahead, overcome difficulties, to seek a global, focus on reform, promote development, and vigorously promote the deepening of the reform of medical care system, carry out good activities to "merit yimanyi" for a practice carrier three years, completed a comprehensive health reform key tasks, to achieve a stable and rapid development of public health and livelihood of the people continued to be the target of improving health.

meeting pointed out that 2012 is the implementation of the second year plan in 12th Five-Year, but also to deepen the reform of the medical and health system in our city, consolidate and expand the results of a key health care reform year. The general idea of the global system and the work theme is: to the spirit of the Thirteenth National Congress of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee, the city as a guide to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, in accordance with the overall work of the municipal Party committee and municipal government requirements, to further deepen the reform of the medical and health system, accelerate the development of health industry, to further improve the quality of medical services, Huimin convenience and benefit, improve the people medical experience and high quality nursing service as the theme of "improving the service quality of the construction of the year" activities, strive for the masses of all ethnic groups in the city to provide safe, effective, convenient and affordable medical and health services.

meeting requirements, to achieve the objectives and tasks in 2012, we must focus on the following eight aspects of work: first, strengthen the leadership of the building, the cohesion of scientific development of health undertakings. Two is to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, consolidate and expand the results of health care reform. Three is to strengthen the implementation of the project, and enhance the health reform and development momentum. The four is the training of creative talents and the allocation of incentive mechanism, do a good job in the construction of health personnel. Five is to strengthen the construction of public health service system, and constantly improve the ability of major disease prevention and control. Six is to strengthen food safety coordination work to ensure the safety and health of the masses. Seven is to consolidate the results of building a comprehensive national review. Eight is to strengthen the medical;

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