Xining Public Transport Co Ltd Huangzhong branch held the opening of the town of linen to the mai

2011 in January 20th, the Xining Public Transport Co., Ltd. Huangzhong branch held the opening of the town of Ma to the main bus line hearing. Tian Jia Zhai Zhen Guan Xiang Tu Men of government, government, County Department of transportation, transportation management, traffic police brigade, county housing and Construction Bureau, county economy and Commerce Bureau, county development and Reform Bureau and other units and departments of the leadership to participate in the hearing.

Xiaonanchuan area of the original class line car a total of 40 vehicles, taxi 35, day class more than and 50 flights, 600 passengers to 1000 passengers, but now only 9 working class line car, taxi scrapped, can not solve the Xiaonanchuan 6 play more people travel, the masses strongly require the opening of the bus line.

hearing, traffic bureau, county road, county transportation management leadership from Nanchuan District capacity demand, Dan Ma village to the total road conditions were discussed, the participants have to express their views, advice to General Dan Ma Zhai bus lines, at the same time the requirements of on-line operating in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of resolution the existence of security risks. Huangzhong manager Wang Xinle suggested that the company has been in the opening to the general bus line Dan Ma village to prepare, but the first half of the road has not opened, all the preparatory work is before the opening of the wildly beating gongs and drums, but difficult to meet the needs of the masses, the company will do its utmost to do this work.

Huangzhong County Department of transportation Deputy Secretary

Ding Futang agreed to the opening of the line, in accordance with the requirements of "first pass the main line, after the conditions are ripe on the line" the principle of gradual opening of Dan Ma to Zongzhai bus lines, the fare is tentatively scheduled for 3 yuan.


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