Small sparrow appeared in Xining

over the past few days, many people reflect to reporters, said the city has often appeared in the flock of sparrows. "Generally, birds like sparrows do not come to spring." Mr Xiao questioned the public.

day before Mr. Shaw saw in Zhifanggou street, in the winter, sometimes more than and 10 sparrows in the green belt feeding, and fly the tree, this group of elves to Xining in the winter to bring a bit of joy. Why do sparrows gather in the city in winter? According to the Municipal Bureau of forestry wildlife protection department responsible person, there are three main reasons: first, the winter sparrows love living in the city more, because the heat island effect in the city temperature will be higher than that of the outer suburbs, relatively warm; secondly, the city over the enemy less, can reduce the risk of attack; third. Although the sparrow is not migratory birds, but the arrival of winter, in order to find food more easily, then gathering in crowds and groups gathered in the city.

in addition to breeding, brood stage, the sparrow is very fond of gregarious birds, because the sparrow is very close to people, like in the presence of human activities in the environment. In the fall, hundreds of thousands of thousands of large groups, known as the bird’s nest, and in winter they are more than a dozen or dozens of small groups together. This little creature is very clever and alert, very lively and has a strong memory. (author: Xiao Yan)


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