Xining Federation of trade unions organized a training course for female workers

for further strengthening the work of women workers under the new situation, to improve the overall quality of the contingent of cadres of female workers, recently, the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions held the female workers’ cadre training class, more than 60 female cadres and workers from the trade unions at all levels participated in the study and training.

in recent years with the Xining enterprises to further deepen the reform and development of non-public economy, changed the rank of female workers in the age structure, cultural level and technical qualities of the female workers also put forward new and higher requirements. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of female workers and the special rights and interests, the Xining Federation of trade unions has organized various types of special training activities every year from the perspective of improving the quality of female workers and cadres. The training of cadres to seriously study the protection of business theory, the rights and interests of female employees work in the new period of the laws and regulations of female workers, to understand the current situation and the present situation of the female workers and contemporary women’s culture and other aspects of the knowledge on how to exert the role of female workers will work organization under the new situation, to unite the majority of female workers in the socialist material civilization, political civilization and spiritual civilization construction to fully display the "half the sky" style were discussed exchanges.


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